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Pediatric EMR

The leading Pediatric EMR Software from a trusted name in healthcare — 1st Providers Choice

Pediatric EMR Software – IMS for Pediatric – Our Pediatric EMR software is specifically designed with pediatrician input to meet the particular needs of pediatricians and support staff. Every module is tailored to the needs of a pediatrics office with features like ready-to-go templates, pediatric-specific billing codes, and pediatric-related letters.

IMS for Pediatrics EMR solution increases workflow and decreases costs by making almost every office task easier, faster and more accurate. Learn more about EMR for pediatric therapy.

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We’ve been using IMS for Pediatric for about six months and have gone from paper to paperless. Our efficiency has gone up 110%, our wait times for patients are cut in half, and we’re able to see more patients with the same amount of staff increasing our bottom line.

Dr. Stephanie Walton
Walton Pediatrics

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Pediatric Immunization Registries

Immunization registries, also called immunization information systems (IIS), are databases containing records of all vaccines and immunizations given to patients by participating healthcare providers within a state, city or geographic region. Pediatric practices that are able to share and receive data from immunization registries can see significant improvements in patient care.

– Ensure your patient health records are accurate and complete
– Get immunization data from other doctors, hospitals, clinics and schools
– Reduce vaccine-preventable diseases by ensuring patients receive timely immunizations
– Prevent patients from getting the same immunization more than once

1st Providers Choice’s fully certified pediatric EMR software enables seamless sharing of immunization data with IIS registries, including immunization doses administered, vaccines refused, and contraindication information.

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