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IMS for Internal Medicine – Internal Medicine EMR Software – The IMS integrated Internal Medicine EMR and Practice Management suite comes customized to the internal medicine specialty through modules and applications for office and practice management. Our system includes easy-to-use, intuitive interfaces for patient scheduling, medical billing, letter writing, and prescriptions. While all of our modules are designed to be simple to use, they are also highly flexible and customizable, allowing the software to work around your existing office procedures.

IMS for Internal Medicine EMR offers a wealth of features to improve healthcare delivery and practice profitability.

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I am a solo internist practicing in Maryland, and my office started using IMS (Intelligent Medical Software) in November 2007. After initial investment of time and energy, my office has started to enjoy the fruits of our work. IMS has provided the structure and organization needed for efficient practice of internal medicine. It has streamlined my office operation from reception to visit notes to billing and collection. The charts are better organized, and access to test reports is immediate. It has clearly reduced the labor needed for filing (the equivalent of a part-time position in my office). It gives me peace of mind knowing that I have completed most of my tasks at the end of each day. My patients seem more satisfied with the timely communication of test results and prompt refilling of their medications using the system. In addition, we are provided with wonderful technical support for the installation and maintenance of the system in my office. IMS has enabled me to improve the delivery of care and to run my office better.

Dr. Harry Li, Internal Medicine
Columbia, MD

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