From scheduling to paying the co-pay, patients will enjoy a seamless and automatic check-in process.

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Using a variety of notetaking methods and custom visit note templates, maintain the "human touch" of the patient-physician interaction.

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Billing Software

Our billing & PM software does the work for you from E&M coding all the way to accounts receivable management.

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Practice Management & Reporting

Know what's happening in your practice. Our reporting modules keep tabs on Meaningful Use and more.

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1st Providers Choice ehr software

Since 1983 providers all over the U.S. have enjoyed the flexibility and power of our software. 1st Providers Choice specializes in Electronic Health Records & Practice Management Software designed to help practices improve the quality of care, reduce risk, cut costs, and increase revenues.

Customer Service is Our #1 Focus

Customer Service is Our #1 Focus

Appropriate for any size practice from a small solo practice, to a large multi-provider/multi-location group this feature-rich system allows you to create and maintain patient billing information and Electronic Health Records faster and more efficiently than ever before.


Choosing 1st Providers Choice as a business partner has been an excellent choice for our office. We received extensive training from the educational team and find the program to be very user friendly. Scheduling is easy and our billing process has been greatly expedited. The EHR part of the program is easy to work, saves time and helps prevent errors. We have successfully implemented the built-in fax and camera features. 1st Providers Choice is a progressive company that keeps up-to-date on laws and changes and offers excellent support. Thanks, 1st Providers Choice, for helping our office run more efficiently. We really like this program.

Dr Long Testimonial Dr. Long and Staff, Walla Walla, WA

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