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Complete, integrated Hospital EHR software

integrated Hospital EHR software

As hospitals and healthcare systems team up with smaller medical centers and physician practices, it has become common for organizations within the same network to use the same EHR system for their day-to-day operations. In order to meet the needs of the enterprise-level user, 1st Providers Choice has designed an electronic health record system that is user-friendly and customizable, easily meeting the needs of hospitals and small physician practices.

Our Hospital EHR software facilitates improved care coordination by allowing healthcare professionals to electronically capture, store and access patient health information and share it from one care setting to another. With advanced features and comprehensive care management capabilities, the EHR is designed to streamline workflow, improve care quality and reduce costs.

Key Hospital EHR Features

  • Fully integrated software with clinical, financial and reporting modules built-in
  • Complete care management tools that automate the clinical process from pre-visit to post-visit care
  • Template-based documentation for all types of routine visit types
  • Integrated voice recognition technology for faster data entry and document creation
  • Supports connectivity with all types of medical devices for instant data import
  • Video consults and other telemedicine capabilities for improved remote patient monitoring
  • Secure access to patient health information for the care team, from anywhere and at any time

Our software is proven to reduce medical negligence, increase reporting quality, reduce billing and coding errors, improve preventative care practices, and help manage risk assessment. Using our EHR system will not only improve patient care – it will help make your health organization more successful!

Hospital EHR Implementation & Support

1st Providers Choice is committed to helping hospitals work better while delivering higher quality of care. Our team will work with you to decide on the solution that is the best fit for your hospital, taking into account the organization’s specific requirements and budget. You will also be assigned an implementation manager whose job it is to ensure a seamless EHR implementation for your hospital. Once your Hospital EHR software is installed, configured and being used in a live environment we will continue to provide support, training and technical assistance.

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