CPT Code Advisor – E&M Coder

Healthcare professionals and staff can improve billing entries with automatic claim pre-screening. The billing and collections module is designed to improve accuracy by scanning claims for invalid CPT codes or diagnosis codes by insurance. IMS also checks for billing frequency, authorization requirements, and duplicate entries so that inaccurate claims are not sent out, wasting time and money.

The IMS comes delivered with built-in CPT codes so you do not have to spend time entering all of the codes that your practice requires. It also has customization options so that users can specify default modifiers, alternate codes, and Column 19 default values.

CPT Code Advisor


Added Benefits of Built in CPT Coding Advisor:

  • Offers flexible CPT Templates, Macros and Parameters for fast, accurate billing
  • Allows customized CMS-1500 templates based on insurance guidelines
  • Pre-checking of EMC, CMS-1500 or UB04 claims
  • Supports Electronic Automatic Reconciliation (ERA)