Podiatry EMR Software

Podiatry EMR

Spend less time charting with our Podiatry EMR Software

Podiatry EMR Software – Our ONC 2015 Stage 3 Certified Podiatry EMR is user-friendly and designed to make every aspect of running your practice easier and more efficient.

IMS EMR software offers a wealth of features to improve healthcare delivery and practice profitability. What takes 30 clicks in a competitor’s EMR software only takes five clicks in IMS. Optimized for efficiency, you’re just one click away from seeing the patient’s information on every screen.

Our IMS for Podiatry is perfect for your practice. It is equipped with all the features a podiatrist needs, including:

  • Forms generator that extracts patient data from files
  • Podiatry care plan generator (with diagnosis-specific patient education handouts)
  • Podiatry-specific e-prescribing & medication tracking
  • Multiple data entry options, including voice dictation

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Get premium Podiatry Practice Management and EMR Software training & support from experienced staff

1st Providers Choice offers the best training for your practice staff. Our expert staff and trainers have been with us for over 30 years. While our competitors outsource their support and resources to other countries, our trainers are conveniently located in the U.S. to help with all of your podiatry EMR needs. We are prepared to answer questions about:

  • Podiatry Patient Portals
  • PQRS (Physician Quality Reporting System)

1st Providers Choice is here to help you. Podiatrists around the country have been joining us. Several of the podiatrists using our podiatry software have already received the full $18,000 stimulus check. Call today to see a free, no-obligation podiatry software demonstration.

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We recently went live with IMS through 1st Providers Choice and were completely thrilled that during the first two months of the transition of going paperless, we showed an increase in productivity even during training and the implementation process. The more we are in the software, the more we find that it has so many capabilities to be efficient for my doctors, my billing coordinator, and the front desk.

Sarah Reichstein, Business Manager
Grand Island Foot Clinic

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