An online appointment booking system is an easy to use website scheduling platform that seamlessly syncs with your IMS Appointment Scheduler. Now, it is possible for your patients to see your availability in IMS and directly schedule an appointment from their smartphone, whenever and wherever they are.

The purpose of an online booking system for your patients is to help your medical practice simplify your scheduling process. Through it, the booking procedure becomes more efficient and effective as it keeps everything automated.

Benefits of Appointment Booking System

  • Convenient Scheduling
    With an online appointment booking system, your patients will have the liberty to schedule their appointments whenever they like. Your patients don’t have to go to your office or email your medical staff to know your available schedule. In this challenging time, there are a lot of things that the patients should be focusing on than to call or email your medical staff.
  • Save time and resources
    Phone calls eat up a lot of your medical staff’s time which decreases their productivity. The appointment booking system will help them focus on other administrative tasks in your practice which would positively impact your revenue as well as the quality of care your practice gives to patients.
  • Reduce patient phone calls
    By giving your patients the freedom to self-schedule at their convenience, your front desk will spend less time answering calls and have more time taking care of patients.
  • 24/7 online appointments booking
    Our appointment booking software gives your IMS patients 24/7 access to book appointments on your website from any device. Whether you book your appointments during the day or even at dawn, it would not be a hassle for your patients.