Emdeon Electronic Claims and Billing Software

In the fourth quarter of 2015, Emdeon, a major healthcare payment system company, started a rebranding journey to become Change Healthcare. This change aims to better embody the company’s diverse capabilities, ranging from software and analytics to connectivity, communications, payments, consumer engagement, and workflow optimization solutions.

Change Healthcare Electronic Claims and Billing is a leading innovation in today’s fast-paced digital era, where speed and accuracy are paramount in healthcare administration. This state-of-the-art solution transforms your revenue cycle management, providing a user-friendly experience with seamless integration, advanced automation, and unmatched precision.

As a robust software solution, Change Healthcare Electronic Claims and Billing revolutionizes the way healthcare providers handle their revenue through these key features:

  • Effortless Claims Processing:Simplify and expedite healthcare claims management with advanced solutions tailored for third-party administrators and payers.
  • Time and Cost Savings:Reduce manual intervention in claims management, translating to significant time and cost savings for your organization.
  • Precision in Claims Handling:Elevate claims accuracy to enhance overall operational efficiency, ensuring a higher first-pass rate and minimizing the need for rework.
  • Adaptable Pre-Adjudication Rules:Customize pre-adjudication rules for claims, automating workflows to streamline the entire adjudication process and improve overall efficiency.
  • Efficient Network Edits:Deliver claims more efficiently, cutting down on processing time for pending claims while accessing comprehensive payer information to minimize manual intervention and improve processing cost per claim.
  • Smart Claim Routing:Automatically route claims to and from PPOs for repricing services, ensuring seamless processing for non-PPO entities and supporting tangential claim adjudication processes.
  • Versatile Supplemental Services:Easily render electronic data onto industry-standard paper claims forms, deliver electronic PDFs to customers, and provide supplemental reporting options with or without claims.
  • Automation Boost:Enhance accuracy and productivity through comprehensive claims automation, effectively reducing costs associated with manual processing.
  • Smarter Claiming and Remittance:Embrace a paperless solution for claiming and remittance, accelerating the healthcare revenue cycle for payers, providers, and TPAs.
  • Industry Connectivity:Connect seamlessly with over 800,000 providers and 2,100 payers, improving first-pass rates with customized edits. Transmit electronic claims and remittance advice securely.
  • Digital Efficiency:Adhere to widely accepted standards and support various file formats for a smooth experience transmitting electronic claim attachments. Enjoy online portal features for requesting, receiving, managing, and obtaining batch images.
  • Tailored Business Solutions:Select scalable services to meet your specific business needs, reducing pending and rejected claims, ensuring consistent adjudication, and minimizing revenue cycle delays.
  • Swift, Secure Payments:Accelerate your revenue cycle with seamless integrations, leveraging direct connections for fast and secure payment processes, maintaining transparency in every transaction.

Elevate your billing and claims processing with us — where innovation meets impact.