Internal Medicine Patient Portal

Internal Medicine Patient Portal

Connect with your patients online through a secure, EMR-integrated internal medicine patient portal.

With a shift towards patient-centered care, and the EHR Incentive Program encouraging doctors to focus on engaging more with patients, the need for online internal medicine patient portal software within the healthcare industry is strong. Patients are using the Internet more and more for medical research, therefore the case for implementing a specialty specific online portal is increasing.

The IMS’ healthcare internal medicine patient portal provides an integrated software solution that uses an online portal system to help make the relationship between healthcare professionals and patients easier. Our online portal allows patients to access personal health records whenever they like, through any Internet-enabled device. The internal medicine portal allows patients to update their personal information when necessary and to complete online health forms in advance, before visiting their doctor. This helps reduce patient wait times in the office, and allows staff to be less burdened with administrative tasks.

Online Healthcare Internal Medicine Patient Portal Features:

  • Secure, password-protected access
  • Online patient registration
  • Ability to view and request appointments
  • Prescription refill request
  • Visit summaries & medication history
  • Online bill pay
  • Internal medicine patient education resources
  • Secure patient messaging system

Healthcare Internal Medicine Patient Portal Benefits:

  • Full integration with EMR/PM systems
  • Reduces clerical and administrative work
  • Increases internal medicine patient engagement and satisfaction
  • Eliminates data entry errors
  • Improves productivity and office management
  • Increases collections
  • Streamlines patient-physician communication
  • Improves safety and compliance

Patient Intake Forms: Queues and long wait times can be lessened by using systems in which patients fill out forms prior to their appointment. With our online healthcare internal medicine portal, patients can manage their own registration forms and paperwork before coming to your office. This lightens the staff workload and also helps to reduce errors caused by manual data entry.

Appointment Requests: Patients appreciate having a resource in which they can book online appointments at their convenience, rather than having to call through to the doctor’s office and speak to a staff member. Through our online internal medicine portal, patients are simply able to request appointments, saving time for them and your staff.

Medication Refill Requests: Rather than requiring patients to phone the office for prescription refills, and staff having to call the refill into the pharmacy, patient requests for medication refills can be submitted through our internal medicine patient portal. Submitting refill requests online simplifies the process, and is convenient for both patients and your staff.

Referral Requests: Insurance companies that cover specialist services often need patients to obtain a referral from their doctor. Our online healthcare internal medicine portal allows patients to directly request referral authorizations. If the physician needs the patient to make an appointment, they can request that the patient takes this action. Otherwise, the doctor is able to instantly authorize the referral through the internal medicine patient portal or EMR.

Online Bill Pay: Reduce your staff workload and speed up payments from patients through our integrated online bill pay feature. Patients can easily view their statements, make payments through the system, and contact the office through the secure messaging system should they have questions about their internal medicine bill.

Patient Portal Chief Complaint Input Screen

With IMS’ EMR-integrated internal medicine patient portal, you can obtain information and data from your patient prior to their appointment. Patients can inform you of their chief complaint, in addition to their expectations for their appointment with you. From the portal, patients select visit chief complaint field and enter details concerning their complaint, with the data being sent to you directly via your EMR.
  • Streamline the documentation process
  • Improve accuracy of EHR data
  • Make better use of your time with internal medicine patients
Chief Complaint Input Screen

Patient Portal Current Medications Input Screen

From our healthcare internal medicine patient portal’s Current Medications input screen, patients can list all the medications that they are taking, such as over-the-counter medicines, vitamin supplements, herbal products and more. A comments section is also included where patients can list their reasons for taking the medications and the dosages.
  • Know the medications your internal medicine patients are taking
  • Improve accuracy and completeness of EHR data
  • Prevent drug-drug and drug-allergy interactions
Current Medications Input Screen

Patient Portal My Appointments Past & Future

From the My Appointments screen in the internal medicine patient portal, patients can request appointments online. They can view upcoming appointments including information on the date and time the appointment is scheduled for, and the name of the doctor. Patients have the ability to cancel scheduled appointments via the system, and also view the history of their past office visits.
  • Streamline the internal medicine appointment scheduling process
  • Reduce no-shows and last-minute cancellations
  • Make better use of staff resources
My Appointments Past & Future

Patient Portal My Care Plans & Patient Handouts

Using the internal medicine patient portal’s electronic medical record software, doctors can create a care plan for their patient. They can also generate patient education handouts based on their diagnosis and conditions. Care plans and handouts are accessible by the patient in the internal medicine patient portal.
  • Improve preventive care efforts
  • See better treatment outcomes
  • Increase patient involvement in their care
My Care Plans & Patient Handouts

Patient Portal My Documents

Create custom lists of folders and subfolders to manage information stored in patients’ charts through our internal medicine patient portal. Documents are organized and accessed with ease, allowing them to be faxed or emailed to patients directly from the EMR system.
  • Organize documents more efficiently
  • Eliminate paper-based processes
  • Make it easy for internal medicine patients to find information
My Documents

Patient Portal My Insurance

Scanning individual patient insurance cards takes up valuable time and can result in patient delays, and having staff enter that data into your EMR may result in data entry errors. From our internal medicine patient portal’s My Insurance screen, internal medicine patients can add new insurance information prior to their appointment and update that data as it changes.
  • Ensure your practice gets paid for services rendered
  • Eliminate paper-based processes
  • Improve office workflow
My Insurance

Patient Portal My Labs

Using our internal medicine patient portal software, we make it quick and easy for patients to view their lab results and medical test outcomes in their own time, without having to wait until their next appointment with you or to phone your office.
  • Make it easy for internal medicine patients to access test results
  • Improve preventive care efforts
  • Meet MIPS/MACRA requirements
My Labs

Patient Portal My Messages

Work towards greater patient empowerment by using our internal medicine patient portal to easily communicate with patients online. From our patient portal’s My Messages screen, internal medicine patients can send private messages and view messages sent by their providers. All messaging is secure and HIPAA compliant.
  • Reduce the number of phone calls from patients
  • Improve the patient experience
  • Provide better overall patient care
My Messages

Patient Portal My Prescriptions & Refill Requests

By using our internal medicine patient portal, patients are able to see a list of their prescriptions, in addition to instructions on how they should take each medication and also how many refills they have left. Patients can send prescription refill requests to their provider via the internal medicine patient portal when their medication is running low, making the process much easier for them.
  • Streamline prescription management
  • Increase internal medicine patient satisfaction
  • Improve medication compliance
My Prescriptions & Refill Requests

Patient Portal Past Medical History/Family History Input Screen

Logging into IMS’ online internal medicine patient portal allows new patients to enter details about their past medical history and general family history before coming in to see you for their first appointment. Over time, patients can update this part of their online record to make sure their information is accurate and up-to-date.
  • Make the registration process faster for new internal medicine patients
  • Ensure your patient records are complete
  • Better understand your patient's health
Past Medical History/Family History Input Screen

Patient Portal Past Surgical History Input Screen

The IMS’ past surgical history input screen on our internal medicine patient portal has a section in which patients can enter information about medical procedures or surgeries that have previously taken place. This also includes informing you of the dates that the procedures occurred.
  • Ensure patient records are accurate & up-to-date
  • Prevent unnecessary duplicate tests
  • Better understand your patient's health
Past Surgical History Input Screen

Patient Portal Patient Dashboard

The internal medicine patient portal includes IMS’ Patient Dashboard, which offers an overview summarizing all of the patient information stored within the EMR. Here, internal medicine specialists may view data such as demographics, issues, medications, and more at a glance.
  • Provide an overview of important patient information
  • Ensure that messages and test results are easily seen
  • Improve the patient experience
Patient Dashboard

Patient Portal Patient Information Input Screen

Our internal medicine patient portal helps to save staff and patient time by allowing patients to enter their demographic information online rather than filling out paperwork when they arrive for their appointment. They can also update their personal data to reflect changes in address, phone number, email, employer, preferred pharmacy, and more.
  • Reduce data entry errors
  • Eliminate paper-based processes
  • Improve the internal medicine patient experience
Patient Information Input Screen

Patient Portal Patient Photos

If patients are able to take photos when they are experiencing pain, they can upload these photos directly in to the Internal Medicine Patient Portal to share with their physician. The internal medicine physician can then conveniently document on the image the pain scale, pain radiation, and areas of pain.
  • Easily see and document areas of pain
  • Show internal medicine patient progress over a period of time
  • Compare patient progress visually
Patient Photos