Electronic Prior Authorization Software

Designed to create a pleasant experience for your patients

Electronic Prior Authorization (ePA) Software

We can all agree that the prior authorization process can be a nuisance for billers, front desk staff, and your patients. The system has always seemed to be time-consuming, archaic, costly, and inefficient.


Our electronic prior authorization solution

The electronic prior authorization (ePA) system from 1st Providers Choice streamlines the process, helping your patients get their prescriptions faster while saving you time and money. We eliminate the need for countless phone calls, faxes, and forms and replace it with a quick electronic request sent directly to the payers. By implementing our electronic prior authorization system, your practice will see the following changes:

  • Automatically notifies providers of prior authorization requirements before sending their prescription online.
  • Eliminates forms. Instead, specific prior authorization questions are automatically sent to your EHR based on the patient’s information.
  • Administrative tasks are much more efficient and accurate.
  • Communicate with pharmacy benefit managers instantly.
  • Instead of waiting a day or two, your patients can leave the office knowing their medication is already pre-authorized.


  • Autocheck ePA requirement
  • Pre-populated forms available for any plan
  • Sign your signature electronically
  • Allows you to access notes for prior authorizations


  • Process Prior Authorization requests at the time of prescribing
  • Send Prior Authorization requests for any plans and medication
  • Manage retrospective ePA tasks
  • Automatic note recording for a PA (Prior Authorization)
  • Real-time tracking of ePA status

Real-time Prior Authorization responses

Your electronic prior authorization process begins at the time of prescribing and is immediately faster. With manual prior authorization, rejections appear suddenly and delay the process causing frustration for you and your patients. ePA in IMS software allows for prescription approval in real time so your patients get their medications faster. It’s a clinical decision support partner in your e-prescribing process, so you can efficiently have prior authorization in as little time as possible.