Medical Billing Service

Medical Billing

1st Providers Choice offers professional medical billing and coding services for healthcare providers. These services are part of our dedication to provide first-rate products and comprehensive healthcare solutions to providers in order to help healthcare organizations improve productivity and increase revenue.

Our medical billing and coding professionals oversee select billing processes or manage your entire billing cycle. No matter the need, 1st Providers Choice will help make your operation more efficient and cost effective.

Comprehensive Outsourced Medical Billing and Coding Services for Practices, Clinics, and Hospitals

Medical Coding Experts Maximize Claims Reimbursements

In addition to medical billing, 1st Providers Choice offers advanced coding services in order to collect accurate reimbursement for claims. Error-free coding is essential in order to maximize reimbursements and ensure you receive full compensation for services rendered.

By using the correct ICD-10 and HCPCS codes taken from your EMR, we make sure you receive the reimbursements you deserve. Our medical coding specialists are highly experienced in all medical specialties and are CCS-P and/or CCS credentialed.

Medical Coding Audit Services

As part of a comprehensive program, we analyze your medical records in addition to previous coding and billing practices to ensure that documentation supports submitted codes. By identifying potential coding issues, we help you prevent coding-related denials in future claims.

Accounts Receivable Management and Consulting

1st Providers Choice medical billing and coding experts provide medical account receivable consulting and management services in order to help you collect payments due on aging accounts receivable.

Our professional consultants analyze your current account receivable process in order to identify potential issues and help you maximize collections.

Benefits of Outsourcing HIPAA-Compliant Medical Billing Services

Our medical billing and coding services are equipped with a HIPAA-compliant cloud storage solutions that ensures the safety and security of your patient data and financial information. Our services strictly abide by HIPAA guidelines for data encryption and secure data transfer.

Our HIPAA-compliant services will help you:

  • Reduce costs
  • Maximize revenue
  • Re-allocate resources dedicated to in-house billing elsewhere
  • Dedicate more time to patients
  • Increase value of care

Benefits of Outsourcing Medical Billing Process

    • More time for Patient Care
      You don’t have to worry about your revenue leaks by outsourcing your medical billing to the 1st Provider’s Choice experts. We understand how challenging it can be to be a doctor and an administrative manager at the same time for your practice. Outsourcing your billing can take the burden off you so you can focus more on your patients.


    • Minimize Billing Errors
      Medical billers have undergone extensive training and years of experience in the complexities of claim submission. Medical billing firms ensure that their employees receive thorough process training and pass the appropriate assessments. These medical billers assure accuracy and timely filings while at work. They not only lower the number of denied claims, but they also check and modify claims for problems before sending them to the payer.


    • Reduce overhead, hardware, software, and maintenance costs
      One of the motivations for outsourcing has always been to save money. Hospitals can save money on salaries, training, hardware, etc., by outsourcing medical billing. Hospitals can also save money on office supplies, furniture, and hardware purchases or upgrades. Many customers prefer specialist vendors because they may get high-quality service at a reduced price. Clients can choose the solution that best matches their needs thanks to the variable pricing models (transaction, percentile, and FTE).


    • Improves cash flow
      Medical billing outsourcing services allow companies to maintain a regular cash flow and faster collection regardless of their staffing situation. Allowing a specialized agency to handle medical billing swiftly will enable hospitals to gain higher economies of scale.


    • Maintains billing compliance
      1st Provider’s Choice has been supplying medical billing to clinics and hospitals of all sizes across the United States. We thoroughly ensure compliance with all operations and software. Internal and external audits will be used to supplement these rules and procedures.


Let Us Manage Your Medical Billing and Coding

Contact us to learn more about medical billing and coding services with 1st Providers Choice and how we can help your healthcare organization be more successful.

We have years of experience working with hospitals and physician practices in a variety of specialties, and we have expert medical billers and coders in every state.

We begin with a consultation in order to better understand what services you need in order to tailor a personalized plan that best meets the needs of your practice.