Go Paperless

You have undoubtedly heard the paperless buzz sweeping the provider technology software industry. So what’s all this noise really about and how can it help your practice? Today’s practice is inundated with paper from superbills, EOB’s, lab requests, lab results, referrals, medical notes and on and on. Wouldn’t it be nice to eliminate that? Aren’t all of these paper stacks created by computers? Why can’t they just stay there?

Go Paperless


  • The hassles of stacks upon stacks of charts
  • Manual data entry / manual referral letter writing
  • Unnecessary costs of paper, transcription, storage for charts, etc.
  • Mistakes based on misplaced information within a chart


  • Paperless environment where words like ‘Audit’ & ‘Malpractice’ no longer bring fear
  • Environment where staff is more productive & has an easier workload
  • Environment where patients get the best healthcare & attention possible
  • Environment that would bring a better quality of life to patients, staff, and of course, physicians!
  • Office of the future, . . . now!

A good paperless solution improves practice by:

  • Eliminating extraneous & un-necessary steps in a typical routine office visit!
  • No need for pulling charts, even those that might have been misplaced or archived!
  • No more need for superbills to fill out & pass up to the front office! Billing is all automated!
  • Providers can see their schedule in the office or out of the office!
  • All billing codes are automatically generated & sent back to ASPC instantaneously! A transaction will automatically be created with all appropriate codes ready for electronic submission!

Billing Automation Improves Collections

  • Once your billing is automated, your staff will have more time on their hands.
  • Have your staff focus on important things in your office that might be overlooked; such as Collections.
Billing Automation Improves Collections