A/R Collections Module

The collections module streamlines the collections process to increase overall cash-flow. The intuitive interface is easy for staff to navigate, greatly reducing errors and inaccuracies.

The entire electronic billing and collections process is streamlined with IMS. In addition to its ease-of-use, it is also designed to improve your ability to track and process outstanding claims.

accounts recievable screenshot

The billing module includes:

  • An extensive fee schedule
  • Pre-loaded specialty-specific templates that are easy to customize to meet your needs
  • A Quick Bill screen that allows users to post the charge for all of the electronic Super bills with a single click
  • A pre-claim analysis that scans claims for missing or erroneous data, sending valid claims and reducing claim rejections
  • CMS-1500 templates based on insurance guidelines
  • Extensive Reports, both built-in and customizable
  • Tracks unpaid claims using rejection analysis and allows you to easily re-bill claims
  • A/R Activity screen to identify top outstanding payers by aging
  • Easily analyze outstanding amounts and quickly perform actions from the same screen such as rebilling and printing claims and statements