Chiropractic EMR Software

Chiropractic EMR Software

The leading Chiropractic EMR Software from a trusted name in healthcare – 1st Providers Choice

Chiropractic EMR Software – IMS for Chiropractic – We are committed to providing complete solutions to the growing demands of the chiropractic clinics around the world. IMS for Chiropractic is designed to save time and money for the doctor, front desk staff and office manager. Chiropractic software assists chiropractors improve workflow, reduce costs, increase productivity, and enhance the overall quality of their practice. 1st Providers chiropractic EMR can be installed as a server or web-based platform and is even accessible as a mobile chiropractic EMR.

IMS for Chiropractic offers a wealth of features to improve healthcare delivery and practice profitability.

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IMS has improved the billing payment turnaround time. The denied claims have been reduced drastically. The implementation process was smooth and the system is very user friendly.

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