Gateway EDI Electronic Claims Software

Unlock Seamless Claim Management With TriZetto Electronic Claims Software

Trizetto announced in 2011 that it had entered into an agreement to acquire Gateway EDI, a St. Louis-based healthcare revenue cycle management (RCM) company. The companies aim to combine their platforms to provide payers and providers with real-time payment information in an integrated and end-to-end system.

TriZetto Electronic Claims Software revolutionizes the claims management landscape with its intuitive features and cutting-edge technology.

From simplifying the complex claims submission process to streamlining claims management and tracking workflows, TriZetto saves you time and resources. Whether you’re a healthcare provider or an insurer, this software ensures hassle-free electronic claim processing and management.

Key Features at a Glance:

  • EHNAC accreditation ensures robust security standards, safeguarding sensitive patient data during claims transactions.
  • Real-time updates on claim statuses keep you up to speed on your submissions, reducing uncertainties and promoting transparency in the entire claim’s life cycle.
  • Automated systems expedite claim status inquiries, providing timely updates and improving transparency in the claim’s life cycle.
  • EHNAC-accredited organizations convert Explanation of Benefits (EOBs) to standardized EDI 835 files, facilitating seamless communication between providers and payers.
  • Real-time tracking from claim submission to payment empowers you to manage your revenue cycle proactively.

Submit accurate claims and enjoy timely reimbursements. Take the next step toward a hassle-free electronic claim processing experience. Contact us to get started on optimizing your claims management processes!