Hematology/Oncology EMR Software

The leading Hematology/Oncology EMR Software from a trusted name in healthcare — 1st Providers Choice

We have partnered with hematologists and oncologists to design an Intelligent Management Software (IMS) that is tailored to the hematology and oncology specialties. The IMS integrated EMR and Practice Management suite includes scheduling modules, electronic medical record management, medical billing, and document and letter templates that is specific to the work of hematologists and oncologists.

IMS’ Hematology/Oncology EMR Software solution offers a wide of array of features. It will improve your practice’s office efficiency and data accuracy, as well as save your practice both time and resources.

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We’ve been using IMS for about six months and have gone from paper to paperless. Our efficiency has gone up 110%, our wait times for patients are cut in half and we’re able to see more patients with the same amount of staff increasing our bottom line.

Dr. Stephanie Walton

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