Remote Cloud Backup Services

Healthcare organizations have a responsibility to maintain accurate patient health records and to ensure that they are protected from potential loss. Therefore, it is important for backup services to be in place. At 1st Providers Choice, we offer HIPAA-compliant remote backup services that protect your EMR data from loss. We also offer disaster recovery services that can help ensure your patient data is stored safely and not vulnerable to common data loss risks.

Benefits of Our Remote Backup Service

Storing your patient data on a single computer in your office could have disastrous consequences if one of the above situations were to occur. This is why it is important for data to be stored on secure servers off-site. Our remote backup service minimizes data loss due accidents and unforeseen disasters and provides physicians with the ability to recover from these events with minimal loss. Here are some of the other benefits:

  • Data is backed up automatically to secure, off-site servers daily
  • Eliminates the need for time-consuming manual backups
  • Includes high-level, HIPAA-compliant security
  • Secures against data loss due to theft, technical failures, natural disasters & more

Our EMR remote backup services exceed HIPAA standards, ensuring the best protection possible for your patient data.