EMR Database Synchronization

Why is Database Synchronization so important?

While Application Service Providers offer remote access to your database over an internet connection, Synchronization allows you to have full access to your patient charts, patient documentation entire database anywhere – no dial-up or internet connection is necessary. Synchronization utilizes a database technology that allows the database to be cloned and then synchronized with the server, based on the differences in the log files. In other words when you return to your office, you can simply plug your tablet pc or laptop into the network and the patients notes, charts and information will update along with any changes your staff has made while you were out of the office.

Laptops/ Tablet PC’s / Mobile Computers

Synchronization allows you to take a mobile computer away from the network and gives you the ability to see patients and create medical charts in hospitals, nursing homes, or other clinics on your laptop or other mobile PCs.

Multiple Office Practice

Synchronization can keep information flowing between separate databases at multiple locations.

Mobile Accessibility

Synchronization provides a way to access patient information while you are away from the office. This is essential for on-call rotations and emergencies.