Digital Superbill

The fully integrated, ICD-10 ready medical billing solution that physicians trust.

electronic superbillsWith 1st Providers Choice’s medical billing and claims management software, physicians can generate electronic superbills both quickly and easily. Our superbills, also known as online charge slips or encounter forms, replicate paper-based workflow and allow for complete customization based on provider preferences. This means that you can create custom superbills for each provider in your practice, resulting in more convenient coding and accurate billing.

Using our medical billing software with electronic superbills, providers can create online charge slips on their computers, ensuring that patient charges are not lost. After a superbill is complete, it can be printed out or routed electronically to your medical biller for processing.

Our advanced medical billing software works seamlessly with most EMR systems and is capable of processing standard codes like CPT, ICD-9 and ICD-10. Codes can also be transferred easily from your EMR to our medical billing software for simplified electronic claims submissions – or to the medical billing service of your choice.

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