Availity Electronic Claims

Electronic Claims Submission (ANSI X12 837 files)

availity1st Providers Choice has become a preferred vendor for Availity with ASPC® and with our electronic claims module, your office can batch up a claims file that can easily be uploaded to Availity’s® Web site. Within 24 hours you will receive a report in your received folder on Availity’s® web site that lets you know how you did with your claims. If you make data entry errors or happen to miss an important field, the site will catch most of them for you and let you know the very next day, as opposed to having to wait 30 or 60 days and wonder why the claim has not been paid.

Electronic Posting of Payments and EOB’s (ANSI X12 835 Files)

If you would like, Availity can process an Electronic ERA file.The file is an electronic explanation of benefits. The carrier would prefer to do a direct deposit of the payments into your bank account. The files are true ANSI X12 835’s files that can electronically post your insurance payment with our AutoPay® module. In most provider practices this saves an enormous amount of time.