IMS EMR for Patient-Centered Medical Homes

The patient-centered medical home (PCMH), also known as medical home, is a model of care that focuses on long-term coordinated care by strengthening partnerships between patients and their primary care physicians. The main objective of this type of model is to ensure that patients receive the medical care they need when and where they need it and in a manner that they understand.

PCMHs are supported by more than 20 nationally-recognized physician groups including the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Academy of Family Physicians, the American College of Physicians, and the American Osteopathic Association.

Why Choose IMS for Your Patient-Centered Medical Home Needs?

As a patient-centered medical home, your medical center requires a unique and custom-tailored solution for EMR and practice management. IMS’ EMR software offers complete customizability and system interoperability with a full range of features.

We understand that PCMHs focus on increasing patient engagement and enhancing coordinated care and that EMR tools are necessary in order for physicians to meet these goals. For example, our EMR allows PCMH physicians to focus on point-of-care workflows, data exchange and standards-based quality reporting functions. It also allows physicians to gather clinical data and analyze it to identify improvements for patient care.

How to Apply for PCMH Recognition

Medical facilities can apply to become a patient-centered medical home through the National Committee on Quality Assurance’s (NCQA). The NCQA’s Recognition Program is based on several elements which fall under six categories. Among those elements there are six that are deemed “must-pass” elements, which means that physicians are required to meet them in order to qualify as a patient-centered facility. The six categories and their respective must-pass elements are as follows:

1. Enhance Access and Continuity

– 1A. Access During Office Hours

2. Identify and Manage Patient Populations

– 2D. Using Data for Population Management

3. Plan and Manage Care

– 3C. Care Management

4. Provide Self-Care Support and Community Resources

– 4A. Self-Care Process

5. Track and Coordinate Care

– 5B. Referral Tracking and Follow-Up

6. Measure and Improve Performance

– 6C. Implement Continuous Quality Improvement Process

To learn more about becoming a recognized PCMH, visit for application materials and pricing.

Meeting NCQA Standards

Our sophisticated EMR system helps providers at patient-centered medical homes meet NCQA Recognition standards by:

  • Increasing patient engagement. This is accomplished by offering round-the-clock access to patient health information through an online patient portal and by providing a secure messaging feature for patients to easily communicate with their physicians.
  • Delivering proactive, comprehensive care. This is accomplished through EMR tools that allow providers to exchange health information with other physicians and view health data in real-time. By using our EMR, providers can also enhance quality of care by sending out patient reminders for upcoming appointments and required services.

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