Patient Check In Kiosks

Easy-to-use, EMR-integrated check-in kiosks reduce paperwork, save time.

EMR and Practice Management software facilitate efficient electronic documentation, scheduling and even billing, yet at many medical practices, processes such as patient check-in and registration remain paper-based. For healthcare professionals who seek complete automation, however, there is IMS’ patient check-in/check-out module. Our patient check-in kiosk offers patients the self-service capabilities they are accustomed to, while allowing healthcare providers to save time and money by eliminating front-office tasks, reducing paper transactions, and streamlining workflows.

What is our patient check-in/check-out module capable of?

At check-in, patients can perform tasks such as validating demographics and insurance information, providing electronic signatures on Insurance Authorization and HIPAA agreement forms, and viewing alerts for outstanding balances.

At check-out, patients can view follow-up notes and physician reminders, schedule return appointments, request a school or work excuse, view their visit notes, and more.

Healthcare Providers Benefit From:

  • Streamlined patient registration process
  • Efficient allocation of space and staff
  • Increased co-pay collections through billing module integration
  • Reduced fraud and increased safety with digital photos
  • Patient tracking – from check-in to check-out
  • Ability to view and monitor multiple kiosks from one central location

Patients Benefit From:

  • Reduced waiting time to check-in
  • Ability to update demographic information from Patient Summary screen
  • Multi-language support
  • On-screen payment options