EMR Lab Orders & Tracking

The leading EMR software by the trusted name in healthcare — IMS

IMS lab orders and tracking modules make it easy to retrieve patient lab results.

Results are received by doctors or staff electronically and are quickly be uploaded to the system for use in related modules. Each lab order can be entered into a patient’s electronic medical record with a single click of a mouse.

The built-in lab order system can be set to print and send automatic faxes. Lab results that are electronically faxed are automatically entered into a patient’s chart, eliminating the task of matching paper documents to patient charts.

Added Benefits of EMR Lab Orders & Tracking:

  • Remove the time-consuming task of manually retrieving patient charts, file lab results and related faxes
  • Doctors and staff receive lab results faster
  • Partial results are readily accessible
  • Bar-coded requisitions
  • Graphical representations and comparisons of lab data

EMR Lab Orders and Tracking