EMR & PM Software Installation

Selecting the right EMR system for your healthcare organization is only the first step. It’s setting it up to conform to your practice’s workflows that will ensure maximum results are achieved through the use of your EMR.

At 1st Providers Choice we offer full support services from start to finish. Our certified technicians are trained to help providers through their EMR and practice management software installations, ensuring that the systems are customized to meet the unique requirements of each practice and streamlined for more efficient charting.

What We Offer

  • Project Management
  • Interface Design & Setup
  • Technical Engineering
  • EMR Customization

How Our Team Can Help

Are you implementing an EMR system for the first time? If your practice lacks the resources to ensure a smooth and timely installation, our team of trained technicians can help. We offer assistance with:

  • Installation and setup (hardware, software, network, operating systems & more)
  • Interface development for EMR integration with third-party systems
  • Module configuration and EMR customization
  • Building database tables
  • Training and support