EMR Software Sales Reps, EMR Software Trainers & EMR Software Project Managers

1st Providers Choice is now, and always has been, a technology-oriented company. We are EMR and Practice Management software experts. That is our strength. The company is growing and we all looking for really talented people that know this industry. If you have sold medical software before or are currently selling EMR software you should give us a call. If you have training or EMR Project Management Experience you should give us a call.

As a prospective sales rep or trainer for 1st Providers Choice, you should be aware of a few items:

  1. 1. Our EMR Sales Reps earn the highest commissions of anyone in the business.
  2. 2. Our Software Trainers are very well paid and professionally trained initially as they join 1st Providers Choice.
  3. 3. In addition you will be continually building your skills and skill sets with professional internal training opportunities.
  4. 4. We do not compete against our sales reps. Most sales reps in this industry know what we mean by that.

We invite you to study the details of our EMR Software and Services. If you are interested is working with one of the most exciting EMR software companies in the industry please do give us a call.

Reseller Program

1st Providers Choice now offers a reseller program to help healthcare vendors enhance the value of their product. Interested in becoming a reseller? Call us at 480-782-1116 for more details.