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1st providers history1st Providers Choice has been working with healthcare organizations since 1983. Nearly four decades ago, our passionate and dedicated team helped physicians with their color-coded filing folders and record-keeping equipment. As the technology evolved, 1st Providers Choice moved from the paper pegboard systems of the 1980s to the DOS-based Billing and Patient Accounting Software in the 1990s.

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1st providers history Accredited Since: 12/27/2010
Years in Business: 39

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paper pegboard systems 4In 1995, 1st Providers Choice released a Windows-based Billing and Practice Management Software. As well as started a Medical Billing Service to help providers reduce expenses and increase revenue. History shows that 1st Providers Choice has always been a productive partner for clinicians who want to save time, money, and increase efficiency.

Times have certainly changed, today physicians are looking for more advanced medical software capabilities. Now, 1st Providers Choice is on the forefront of delivering state-of-the-art EHR (electronic health records) software. We have added an online Patient Appointment Booking System, Text and Email Appointment Reminders, Contactless Check-In, Patient Portal, Patient App, Tele Visit, and EHR use on smart phones just to name a few additional products. It is all about providing patient convenience, while making sure that clinicians can monitor the performance of their practices with user friendly software.


EMR Cloud Software – SAAS – Software as a Service

EMR Cloud Software In recent years, faster computers and newer versions of Windows have continued to evolve. While many providers prefer to have all their data reside on local servers, cloud servers have become popular among clinicians. Our data storage centers are fully HIPAA-compliant, keeping PHI (patient health information), medical records and billing information safe and secure.


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