EMR Reports Preparation & Management

The leading EMR software by the trusted name in healthcare — IMS

IMS’s integrated Reports Preparation & Management offers a wide array of features that increase productively, organization, and security.

Document Manager is linked to all of the modules in the IMS EMR software so that data can be saved, retrieved, and managed easily.

ims document management screenshot


With Document Manager, you can:

  • Add validations password-protections, and a file log to increase privacy and data security
  • Condense files to electronic filing system and save office space
  • Organize files to match your current filing system
  • Improve office productivity
  • Save money on paper and ink costs

Additional Benefits of EMR Reports Preparation & Management:

  • Customize file folders to organize documents
  • Batch-scan documents to save time
  • Have copies of sent and received faxes automatically filed
  • Easily compile and retrieve patient documents & images