EMR Automated Patient Check In

The leading EMR software by the trusted name in healthcare — IMS

IMS has a simple check-in module that is designed to improve communications between practice doctors and staff. Authorized users can view real-time status of a patient’s appointment and receive specific instructions from doctors before a patient leaves the office.

Automated Patient Check-In

Automated Check-In Features:

  • Complete patient tracking from check-in to check-out
  • Electronic signature request prior to visit
  • Insurance card auto-scan
  • Co-pay notification
  • Digital pictures to prevent fraud
  • Waiting time and patient location updates

Benefits of Automated Patient Check-In:

  • Reduced paperwork
  • Decrease liability by ensuring electronic signature before doctor visit
  • Assurance that all required procedural documents, insurances, billing, payments, visit notes, prescriptions, letters, and follow-up appointment scheduling are complete
  • Improved patient safety and fraud prevention