Important Features Your Medical Billing Software Should Have

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medical billing software features

Without a doubt, your medical billing software plays a big role in your practice. Better software means smoother cash flow, increased growth,  improved services, and more patients. The key, of course, is getting the right features for your needs. Here are the important features your medical billing software should have and the reasons why.

Essential Medical Billing Software Features

  1. Patient Pre-Registration

    Your software should have a smart way of uploading patient information and syncing it to verification and billing. Having your patient complete all the necessary forms and provide their insurance information before the appointment can be a huge time saver. It gives you time to verify their insurance before the scheduled appointment. At 1st Providers Choice, your patients can breeze through your pre-registration process using our  Patient Portal and IMS On-Arrival app. Our Patient Portal can preregister your patients through your website and fill up the necessary forms before their appointment. On the other hand, our IMS On-Arrival App will check in your patients and handle the pre-registration process.

  2. Appointment Scheduling

    Choose a medical billing software that is directly integrated into your appointment scheduling. It will help you easily schedule your patients, track their past and future appointments, no-shows, cancellations, and more. Our Patient Portal has a self-scheduling system where your patients can book their appointments through your website, whenever and wherever they are.

  3. Contactless Check-in

    With the COVID-19 Pandemic, the need for contactless service has never been more important. We provide you a good variety of contactless check-In services such as Patient Check-In Kiosks and IMS On-Arrival. Both are directly integrated into your EHR and billing software too.

  4. Telehealth

    Telehealth plays a big role in the new healthcare normal. Integrate your Telehealth with your EHR through IMS and medical billing software. Telehealth is already a built-in feature of IMS that you no longer have to avail for 3rd party telehealth providers. It monitors and keeps track of your telehealth consultations so you can bill and get paid on time.

  5. Clinical Documentation

    Your medical billing software should fully sync with your EHR to allow multiple record creation methods such as templates, dictation, transcription, and handwriting. Your staff can easily pull up patient charts, create notes, and prescribe medications all from one central location. You will get more accurate and efficient clinical documentation.

    At 1st Providers Choice, we provide you the nation’s leading practice management and electronic medical record solutions and include comprehensive tools for charting, scheduling, and billing—IMS. It is a reliable, easy-to-use software solution for healthcare providers in various medical specialties.

  6. Automated Coding and Claim Resubmission

    People make mistakes. It’s just inevitable. Your best employees aren’t exempted from it either, especially with coding long lists of treatments. Because of that, we advise you to get medical billing software that offers coding automation for treatments. Your current staff can check for any errors, reducing the risk for claim denials and rejections. In case of any denials, your software should be able to automatically resubmit it.

  7. Medical Claim Management

    Managing insurance claims and status can be overwhelming because it can cause payment delays. However, good medical billing software can streamline your claim processes to maximize your cash flow. To be more specific, take note of the following features that can bring haven to your medical claim management:

    • Claim history
    • Claim reconciliation
    • Insurance payers listing
    • Electronic claims processing
    • Claim tracking and scrubbing
  8. Online Payment

    Convenience is an important factor that makes online payment a core function for any billing software, including yours. Your medical billing software should have an integrated online payment feature linked to your website or patient portals to make it easier for your patients to pay. With our medical billing software at 1st Providers Choice, we can integrate your online payment feature with your EHR. Your patients can view their medical billing statement and outstanding balance securely online.

  9. Reporting

    For any medical billing software, a strong reporting feature is a must. Your software should be able to let you:

    • Track open bills and claims
    • Run patient statements 
    • Log payments and refunds
    • Track your practice revenue
    • Run essential financial reports
    • Send collection notices when necessary
  10. Support

    It may not be a built-in feature for medical billing software but getting immediate support from your provider should not be overlooked. Choose the provider that prioritizes stellar support to their clients. Your provider should offer support via telephone, online conference, and email with training documentation manuals and other materials.

Providing you with the Best

The strategies above are vital to helping regain all your losses from the pandemic. However, it can still be a struggle. At 1st Providers Choice, we understand the need and expectations of our clients for a higher level of performance for billing software. That’s why we only offer the best medical billing system with features that will allow your practice to operate at its optimum potential, regain your losses, and double your revenue.

You can call us at (480) 782-1116 for immediate assistance, or you can schedule a free demo with our experts TODAY.