Electronic Claims

Faster Insurance Payments, Less Hassle.

Imagine the ease and convenience of submitting all your claims electronically—both commercial and government—with full audits and edits right from your billing software.

Sending claims Electronically has several important advantages:

  • Claim acceptance rises as much as 30%
  • Payment time is reduced by as much as 50%
  • Less expensive, no stamps, claims forms, envelopes or staff time

Insurance carriers encourage healthcare professionals to use electronic claims by giving them first priority. Why? The cost of processing an electronic claim is comparatively less than the same claim submitted on paper.

More Efficient Than Paper Claims

Unlike paper claims, Electronic Claims offer the following:

  • All government and commercial claims are sent to one location with one telephone call.
  • Claims are immediately edited for valid content including missing information, valid procedure and diagnosis codes, and carrier specific information.
  • A report is returned detailing which claims were accepted and which were rejected.

Why Submit Claims Electronically?

Enjoy the following benefits from submitting claims electronically:

  • Minimize cash flow disruptions. Electronically submitted claims are processed faster, leading to speedier reimbursement.
  • Keep track of claim status. You can check the status of your submitted claims at any time of day or night via a secure Internet connection.
  • Reduce claim denials by increasing claim accuracy. Insurers deny most paper claims due to errors, omissions, or other reasons, but electronic claims can result in fewer claims being lost or incomplete. You can have an electronic clearinghouse check your claims for correctness before sending them to carriers. If any information is missing or wrong, they will return the claims to you immediately.
  • Reduce paperwork. By eliminating paper claims, you can simplify your billing procedures and streamline your record-keeping.
  • Increase efficiency while lowering overhead costs. Claims submitted online can save time and money for your administrative staff by decreasing the time and effort required to process, mail, resubmit, and track paper claims. It frees up your employees so that they can focus on more critical tasks.