12th Annual Valley of the Sun Conference: 1st Providers Choice Presents Best Software for Podiatrists 2023

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podiatry conference 2023

Step Into the Future of Podiatry at the 12th Annual Valley of the Sun Conference!


 “Challenging Cases & Current Treatment Options in Podiatric Medicine & Surgery”


We invite you to join us at the Marriott Phoenix Tempe at the Buttes in Phoenix, Arizona, from April 13-16, 2023, for the Sun Podiatry Conference 2023. As a podiatrist, this event is perfect for learning the best and latest software explicitly designed for you. Moreover, the valley of the sun conference 2023 advocates the exchange of the latest advances, treatments, and research in podiatry.


Our 1st Providers Choice team of experts chose the best software programs to streamline your practice and increase efficiency.


Take a Look at Our Top 3 Podiatry Software Picks


We guarantee that we will never let you down at the valley of the sun conference 2023 because our podiatry software options are the most comprehensive, user-friendly, and cost-effective in the industry. Let’s look at each software’s features and benefits, so you can decide which one best fits your needs.

1. Save Time on Charting with our Podiatry-Specific EHR Software


As a podiatrist, you understand the importance of having comprehensive medical records for quality care. Unfortunately, traditional Electronic Medical Records don’t always meet the specific needs of podiatry practice. That’s why having a podiatry-specific EHR is vital to running a successful practice!


We offer a wide range of EMR features, including:


✔ Forms generator that extracts patient data from files

✔ Podiatry care plan generator (with diagnosis-specific patient education handouts)

✔ Podiatry-specific e-prescribing & medication tracking

✔ Multiple data entry options, including voice dictation

✔ Complete set of podiatry-specific EMR templates, including installation


Furthermore, the use of healthcare technologies like our podiatry-specific EMR software can be a great help in treating diabetic foot disorders. Plus, you don’t have to worry about tracking patient progress; this software can capture and store patient data, such as gait and leg measurements. 


Overall, our podiatry-specific EMR software boosts your productivity and revenue through better scheduling and billing management.

2. Streamline your Podiatry Workflows with Our All-In-One Practice Management Software!


Are you looking for ways to improve your podiatric practice? Our IMS Manager™ Practice Management software provides a comprehensive suite of features, including:

✔ Scheduling

✔ Authorization and Referral Management

✔ Patient Tracking

✔ Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)

✔ Reporting

✔ Meaningful Use Dashboards


With our practice management software, you can simplify the Medicare and insurance eligibility verification process. Thus, you save time, generate more revenue, and reduce errors!

3. Expedite Your Medical Claims With Our Podiatry Medical Billing Software


We designed our Podiatry EHR billing software to simplify medical claims paperwork so you can process insurance reimbursements faster. This software suits any podiatry practice (from a solo to a large, multi-provider/multi-location group).


We equipped it with the following features to take your podiatry practice to the next level!


✔ Import patient data from an EMR system for accurate billing. 

✔ Customize the billing process with automated rules and streamlined procedures. 

✔ Generate and submit claims automatically to insurance providers. 

✔ Track the status of claims and payments.

✔ Process payments from patients and insurance providers

✔ Built-in ICD-10 claim scrubbing capabilities


With the billing software, your staff can also review and correct any errors before they submit the claim to the insurer. You can quickly resolve any issues with claims or payments in this way. 


Therefore, having this software reduces insurance company interactions while ensuring timely reimbursements.


Unlock Premium Podiatry Practice Success with Expert Training, Installation & Support


At the Sun Podiatry Conference 2023, we will feature our high-quality services tailored to your podiatry practice staff. Our experienced staff and trainers have been with us for over three decades. Likewise, our trainers are located in the U.S. and are easily accessible to assist with your podiatry EHR needs. They’ll be with you every step of the way, from installation, training, maintenance, and support. 


In the course of the podiatry conference 2023, our team is available for all your EMR inquiries. You can ask us about the following:



Podiatry Patient Portals

✔ PQRS (Physician Quality Reporting System)


We can show you a free, no-obligation demo of our podiatry software by calling 480-782-1116.


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Why should you attend the Valley of the Sun Podiatry Conference 2023?


Podiatry Institute, Inc. organizes the Valley of the Sun Conference in Arizona to provide podiatry practices with the highest quality service. Thus, if you are interested in learning new methods and taking advantage of the best podiatry software tools, consider these important reasons:


  • Networking Opportunities: By attending the Valley of the Sun Podiatry Conference, podiatrists can connect and build professional relationships with potential employers and colleagues.


  • Access to Latest Developments: Podiatrists will gain insight into the latest advancements in their field at the conference. Stay current on the latest treatment protocols, research, and technology. 


  • Professional Development: If you want to develop your skills as a podiatrist, attending the sun conference 2023 may be a good opportunity. Learn about the latest trends in podiatry by attending workshops and seminars on relevant topics.


Most Podiatry practices face many challenges when working with EMR vendors. That is why our team at 1st Providers Choice offers data conversions and makes transitioning to podiatry-specific EMR software easy. You can count on our support team to ensure a smooth transition and ensure everyone in your practice feels comfortable with the software. 


What are you waiting for? Visit us at the conference, or contact us at 480-782-1116 or via our website to arrange your demonstration today!


Want to register TODAY? You can refer to the Podiatry Institute Website to learn about the Valley of the Sun Conference. Moreover, you can make hotel reservations, register for on-site events, and sign up for webinars from their website. There will be a lot of wonderful opportunities at the conference, so don’t miss out!