How Can a Patient Portal Benefit Your Podiatry Practice

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Patient Portal for Podiatry Practices

Patient portals continue to prove their capabilities in improving both patient care and provider workflow. Patients are increasingly turning to the Internet for medical information, and the case for implementing a patient portal has never been stronger. It is a completely integrated solution that brings healthcare professionals and patients together. Here are 10 ways a patient portal can benefit your podiatry practice. 


1. Everything in one place

Podiatry specialists and patients can view data such as demographics, problems, medications, and more. Patients can view their visit notes in the portal too. Required laboratory requests and results are also shown here for both patient and doctor to view.  


2. Improves patient experience 

With a Patient Portal, you’re providing more convenience to your patients, hence enhancing the patient experience. Patients value the easy access to information and direct communication that comes with portal use.


3. Increases patient loyalty. 

With a continued communication and relationship and communication outside of appointments, patients feel cared for and that encourages them to be loyal to your practice. Anyone would also stick to a provider who can give them more convenience and better service than others. 


4. Mobile-friendly

Almost 81% of Americans have a smartphone. Providing a patient portal enables you to widen access to care for more people. It will let your patients enjoy all features of a patient portal even without a computer. 


5. More accurate patient data collection. 

With a Patient Portal, your patients can be more aware and cautious of their own inputted data. For example, the 1st Providers Choice’s Patient portal lets patients check and type in their own health information and they can let the practice know about any missing or inaccurate information in the chart. Patients can enter demographic information conveniently online instead of filling out paperwork at your office. They can also update this data to reflect changes in address, phone number, email, employer, preferred pharmacy, and more. It helps you conveniently reduce data entry errors and eliminate paper-based processes for your staff. 


6. Secure messaging platform 

This efficient way of communicating cuts down on long phone conversations and allows patients to ask questions between appointments. With 1st Providers Choice’s Patient Portal, the “My Messages” HIPAA compliant feature makes it easier for patients to communicate with you securely online. It reduces the phone call volume your staff needs to take too. They can also check and respond to messages anytime, 24/7. The portal encourages patients to be more aware and engaged in their own health with the right convenience. For example, a patient needs a follow-up check-up from a recent accident that impairs their ability to visit your clinic. A simple message about their concerns can easily cut down on the need for an in-office appointment and schedule a telehealth consultation. 


7. Share important announcements and information

The portal enables you to post your available care plans and healthcare handouts for your patients to see. Providing patient-specific educational resources, clinical summaries, and access to personal health information through the portal are one of the requirements of EMR Meaningful Use.


8. Patients can easily request prescription refills

For their convenience, patients can send prescription refill requests to their provider via the portal when their medication is running out. Aside from prescription refill requests, your patients can also see a list of their current prescriptions, medication instructions, and how many refills they have left. It easily streamlines your prescription management, increases patient satisfaction and medication compliance. 


9. Improves patient care collaboration

Podiatry practices can easily collaborate with other physicians as the patient portal enables secure medical records sharing in between healthcare providers. It comes with the participation of the patient as they can enter their information about their past medical history in the portal. They can also update this portion of their record as needed.


10. Online Appointment Scheduling.

Say your goodbyes to lengthy phone calls for inquiries and appointment scheduling. The Patient Portal enables patients to schedule their in-office or telehealth consultations– anytime and anywhere. It also helps reduce your no-shows by its automatic reminder system.  With 1st Providers Choice’s Patient Portal, patients can request an appointment and their upcoming appointments, including the doctor’s name, date, and time of the scheduled visit. Patients also have the option to cancel a scheduled appointment, in addition to viewing the history of their past office visits.


Improve Your Patient Experience with 1st Providers Choice in your Podiatry Practice

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