Why Are Physicians Choosing Fully-Certified, Web-Based EMR Software?

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The reason why most physicians are adopting a fully-certified EMR solution is obvious – federal programs require the use of certified software in order for providers to qualify for meaningful use incentives. However, more and more healthcare professionals are opting for web-based EMR software over client/server models. Why is that?

Low Upfront Cost:  EMR software can be costly for physicians looking into client/server-based systems. Aside from paying higher upfront licensing fees, physicians must also look into purchasing pricey hardware, including an adequate server which will hold the EMR database. With web-based products, however, facilities can make smaller, monthly payments for hosting and licensing, and they don’t have to worry about purchasing a server, as the software is hosted remotely by the EMR vendor.

Easy Access: Web-based EMR software can be accessed from any device with an Internet connection. This means that physicians using these fully-certified EMR systems are able to work from different offices, on different devices, and even from home.

Minimal Maintenance: Maintenance fees for web-based EMRs are typically worked into monthly fees and include server hosting, network and database security, and routine updates and upgrades – services that you would otherwise have to take care of yourself or pay an IT group to do.

Better Security: Patient data is stored in a secure, HIPAA-compliant location, outside of the physician’s office. Trusted IT professionals ensure your database is encrypted and protected against potential security breaches. You will never have to worry about running a backup or losing patient data in the event of a fire or server mishap.

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