Voice Recognition Software Makes EMR Data Entry Easier

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Prior to the arrival of electronic medical record systems, physicians made use of voice recognition software to dictate notes. Transcriptionists would then type up these notes to print and add to patients’ paper records. Now, with digital record-keeping replacing paper charts, speech recognition software has evolved. It is being used by busy doctors to easily document data in their patients’ charts, eliminating transcription costs and saving time.

Speech recognition software is incorporated in many EMR systems, and it is much more advanced than it was in the past. It is capable of learning and recognizing varied speech patterns, voices and inflections; and it facilitates the documentation process by including medical vocabularies for various specialties, as well as medical templates and the ability to expand abbreviations.

By using voice recognition software, rather than dictating notes for a transcriptionist, physicians can see their notes directly on the screen. They can quickly review the notes for errors and instantly save them to the patient’s chart without delay. This helps ensure that only accurate data is being saved in the EMR and that patient health records are up to date. This is particularly important when a patient is scheduled for a procedure within 24 to 48 hours, for example, and the data needs to be available to billing staff, front desk employees (for scheduling), and the physician, in order for the procedure or operation to take place.

Using voice-related functions, not only can physicians add free text to their patients’ health records in their EMR – they can also perform a variety of tasks, such as selecting items from a drop-down menu. It is much easier to navigate through an EMR this way than pointing and clicking through a series of screens and menus.

Overall, speech recognition adds to the ease of use of electronic medical record software – and all for a minimal cost. Additionally, doctors that are already using the software prior to switching to an EMR often have an easier time making the transition.

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