Vital Features of a Quality Pain Management EHR

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What is Pain Management EHR?

A Pain Management electronic health record (EHR) provides a comprehensive history of patient data and documentation for treatment and collaborative care.

It has many integrated features that streamline diagnosis and treatment for chronic and acute pain too. Most importantly, the EHR specialty-specific setting provides more efficiency in patient information management, patient care guide, and better communication for integrated care. 

What Features a Pain Management EHR should have?

Pain Management EHR solutions are there to help improve pain management practices in their healthcare delivery, especially for coordinated, co-located, collaborative, and integrated care. It needs to save time, improve efficiency, and enhance communication. Furthermore, here are the top 5 features your Pain Management EHR should have:

  • Templates and Form Customization

    Pain management specialists need the flexibility to tailor-fit templates and forms for their documentation to fit their workflow, processes, and patients. The flexibility in templates and forms for documentation protects patient data integrity, accuracy, and clarity. Furthermore, it can dramatically impact a patient’s treatment, especially those with multiple chronic conditions. 

  • Patient Appointment System

    Phone calls are one of the most tedious tasks in any practice. Initially, your EHR software should have an integrated patient appointment system where your patients can schedule their visits conveniently. It helps keep track of the patient’s visit history with a simple view of the patient information via a user-friendly interface. In addition, it should be able to analyze and determine predetermined requirements upon the patient’s scheduled visit through their visit history. The automation can help gain insight right before the patient’s visit. Most importantly, the patient can also receive important reminders to achieve personal care accountability. 

  • User-Friendly Interface

    One of the biggest interferences in a pain management practice’s productivity is the need to use multiple different tabs to find the information they need. Examples of these are laboratory orders, lab results, patient’s graphs, vitals, and other doctor’s notes.  Your staff and physicians should accomplish all they need in one single user-friendly screen that they can easily navigate and understand. Lastly, your Pain Management EHR should provide a place where the physician can graph, analyze patient data, and order or view lab results.

  • E-Prescribing

    Quality Pain Management EHR should provide security and convenience in writing prescriptions for healthcare providers. The E-prescribing feature streamlines the prescription process efficiently and safely with the synchronization of patient health information and alerts to support their clinical decisions.

  • Patient Portal Integration

    Having a quality patient portal with your EHR is a definite must-have. It increases your patient satisfaction due to its convenience. The patient portal also empowers your patients with their 24/7 access to their personal health information (PHI) via internet connection. They will be able to track their records, vital, lab test results, and send secure messages to your practice for their queries and concerns. Most importantly, it will also enable your patients to settle their bill online, send their refill requests, and schedule their appointments. 

How the Right EHR Improves your Workflow

There is no room for errors, delays, and mistakes at any Pain Management practice. The right EHR will help the practice eliminate paper-based processes that will save money and reduce errors. Also, the intelligent customization of templates and forms eliminates data-entry errors and increases data accuracy in a patient’s chart. The right EHR can easily streamline all of your workflows, which includes your coding and billing too. With the features listed above, you can achieve a total boost of revenue, efficiency, and convenience in your practice.

An example of an improved workflow due to a quality EHR is the laboratory and medication management. It requires a lot of staff time with its tediousness. However, the workflow will be smoother with orders and results being automated and done electronically. For coding and billing, A Pain Management EHR has a complete and more accurate list of codes for diagnoses and procedures due to its specialty-specific features. Most especially, it ensures timely-reimbursements and hassle-free billing workflow with a significant reduction for additional information requests. 

Best Pain Management EHR Provider

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