Valley of the Sun Conference: Challenging Cases & Current Treatment Options in Podiatric Medicine & Surgery

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Podiatry Conference 2022

Would you like to see a tranquil learning environment that offers the perfect escape? Prepare yourself for a must-attend conference! 

We welcome you to the Valley of the Sun Podiatry Conference 2022 in Phoenix, Arizona, from April 21 to 24. Podiatry professionals are craving for this Sun Podiatry Conference with the theme “Challenging Cases & Current Treatment Options in Podiatric Medicine & Surgery.” Moreover, the Arizona Podiatric Medical Association, in conjunction with the Podiatry Institute, sponsors it at the Marriott Phoenix Tempe at the Buttes. 


What to expect at the sun podiatry conference 2022?

At this event, podiatrists from various healthcare facilities will gather. They will be able to learn the latest developments in:

  • Podiatric care
  • Treatment
  • Prevention
  • Relief of painful conditions
  • New devices for standard surgical procedures

Likewise, vendors offering podiatry-related products and services will be available for professionals to meet. With the industry’s best experts on hand, attendees will gain a fresh perspective and new knowledge. The best part? You can also watch the live stream if you’re not able to attend the event in person!

Come check out 1st Providers Choice at this event and learn more about our Podiatry EMR software for your practice!


We tailor our Podiatry EMR Software to meet your specific needs.

Spend less time charting with our Podiatry EMR Software! With it, you can speed up your charting processes and have more time to spend with your patients. Easily run your practice with ONC 2015 Stage 3 Certified Podiatry EMR designed to be easy to use and efficient.

We offer EMR software from IMS that enhances the comfort and productivity of practices. While a competitor’s EMR software requires 30 clicks, IMS only requires five. You are just one click away from seeing patient data on every screen.

Our IMS for Podiatry is ideal for your practice. Likewise, it contains everything a podiatrist would need, such as

  • Extracts patient data from files and generates forms
  • Patient education handouts for the diagnosis-specific podiatry care plan generator
  • E-prescribing and medication tracking for podiatrists
  • Multiple options for data entry, including voice dictation

We will demonstrate its uses at the conference and how podiatry practices can prosper using it. Visit our booth at the conference, schedule a demo by calling us at 480-782-1116, or contact us via our website.

Other providers may be asking about our EMR Software constantly. It is good to note that our clients tend to be pleased with it. Why? Because we integrated it with—


Dicom Features and PACS Software Integration

Our Podiatry EMR software includes Dicom Picture Management Feature and Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) Software. Of course, we all know that PACS and EMR have always been separated. By integrating multiple PACS into a single system, organizations will be able to reduce overall operating costs. 

A PACS system facilitates the digital images created during surgical procedures in the medical field. It can handle digital images created in various ways.

Why it’s essential to let podiatrists know about this? Due to this, Podiatry EMR systems will be able to provide easy access to medical images regardless of DICOM modality or specialty. With our solution, you can cover the full range of imaging modalities requested by healthcare providers.

Here are a few reasons you should hurry to get it:

  • Directly place orders from your EHR software to save time and money
  • Provides direct integration between DICOM and PACS software
  • Obtain finalized results and reports automatically right into your software.
  • Visualize clinical documentation and images simultaneously
  • Our software also offers a link directly to X-Rays.
  • Spirometry and EKG interface
  • No restrictions on users, workstations, modalities, or facilities
  • On-premises and cloud-based options are available


Also, did you know that doctors can accurately diagnose and treat patients’ symptoms with a PACS system?

Medical images can be modified by PACS systems and attached to an individual’s electronic medical record (EMR), so any person involved in the patient’s care can view them. 

Know more about PACS benefits and uses:

Image display

At any time, you can retrieve the images from the workstation. It is no longer necessary to have a hard copy of the image.

Image archiving

For future reference, archival files are attached to the patient’s electronic medical record.

Image compression and backup

Both the size and the amount of space on the server are optimized for images. Backups of original files can be made if they are lost or corrupted.

Image routing

The attending physician and other parties involved in the patient’s care can access and share the image. Consequently, it is no longer necessary to duplicate the image.

Image acquisition

Whatever imaging or procedure a patient undergoes, a permanent image is created.

Overall, your podiatry practice will be more efficient with this EMR software integration. 


The Best Tool to Connect Patients and Providers – The Podiatry Patient Portal

Our Podiatry Patient Portal encourages secure online communication, helps move healthcare toward more patient-centered care. Patients can communicate with you directly and securely through search engines. Integrating a patient portal into your EHR creates a more personal and patient-centric experience.

Furthermore, it will give patients access to their health records from anywhere. Before coming to your clinic, your patients can also update their personal information and complete necessary health forms. As a result, patients wait less, and staff will benefit from better utilization of their time!

Check out its notable features here:

  • Secure, password-protected access
  • Online patient registration
  • Ability to view and request appointments
  • Prescription refill request
  • Visit summaries & medication history
  • Online payment
  • Patient education resources
  • Secure messaging system


We provide free, no-obligation demonstrations of EMR software for podiatric professionals. Don’t miss this wondrous opportunity at the conference!

So, connect with us via our website or schedule or schedule your demonstration by calling 480-782-1116.