Treating Patients at a Distance with Telemedicine EMR

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Telemedicine services allow medical professionals to provide care at a distance by using videoconferencing technologies and other digital IT solutions. Additionally, with telemedicine EMR software physicians can easily incorporate telehealth data into their patients’ electronic health records. This allows medical professionals to keep accurate documentation of their patient encounters, whether or not the patient is physically in the office.


Who can benefit from telemedicine?

Through telemedicine and telemonitoring, physicians are able to monitor patients’ health from afar, eliminating distance barriers and allowing patients to receive medical services despite healthcare facilities not being easily accessible. Some of the people who benefit from telemedicine include:

  • Patients in rural communities who live far from medical facilities
  • Critical care patients who cannot be easily transported
  • Patients requiring follow-up care after surgery
  • Patients without access to transportation

What does 1st Providers Choice offer in terms of telemedicine for EMR?

Telemedicine practices support the medical home model and help healthcare professionals deliver collaborative and comprehensive care to patients. In order to provide physicians with telepresence and voice communications solutions that are able to integrate with their EMR software, 1st Providers Choice has partnered with Polycom. Our EMR-integrated telemedicine solutions allow:

  • Instant communication with patients: Our collaboration with Polycom allows healthcare professionals to keep close contact with patients through live, high definition video feeds. This makes it possible for physicians to perform critical consults for patients who cannot easily make the trip to the doctor’s office.
  • Data collaboration with other providers: Physicians can also collaborate with other caregivers by sharing EHR data and images for mutual patients through Polycom’s desktop video solutions. Physicians can then store the data in their patient’s electronic health record for future reference.

If you access your EMR on the iPad, you can also use your tablet for telemonitoring and telehealth. To find out how our telemedicine EMR services will allow you to control costs, address staffing shortages, and increase levels of care, contact us at 480-782-1116.