Why Specialty-specific EMRs Work Better for Your Practice

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Choosing an EMR system designed for your specialty will save a tremendous amount of clinical documentation time, and allow you to allocate more time providing quality care to your patients. It’s important to select an EMR software that matches your workflow in order to increase the productivity and efficiency of your practice in addition to increasing revenue.

Specialty-specific EMR systems that are tailored to your needs offer multiple advantages towards running a successful and efficient healthcare practice.  1st Providers Choice is helping physicians to complete their documentation quickly and efficiently, allowing them to get home and enjoy their evening instead of being stuck in the office doing paperwork.  

Save Invaluable Time

General EMR systems are capable of meeting the needs of specialty practices. However, they are typically equipped with additional features, templates, and information that may be totally irrelevant to your practice’s specialty. Although it may be possible to customize a general EMR software system to the specific needs of your practice, it will take your valuable time.

Specialty-specific EMRs come with features that are tailored to the needs of each branch of medicine. For example, a pediatric EMR may come equipped with immunization registries or with a growth chart used to track advancements in height and weight, while a cardiology EMR may focus on medical devices by providing the ability to coordinate with EKG and ECHO equipment. Selecting a specialty-specific EMR that is ready to use from day one can also help you save time on training and initial configuration.

Optimize Workflow

Sifting through unrelated content in order to get to what you need will slow down the process of inputting patient information, and may make your daily routine frustrating.

Specialty-specific EMRs are designed with tailored templates, screens, and forms, enabling you to document patient information in real time. This allows you to more accurately input patient information as well as note important observations while with the patient, leaving less work for the end of the day, and ultimately, streamlining workflow. Additionally, specialty-specific decision support programs assist healthcare providers in making the best possible care decisions for their patients.

Thorough and Extensive Training and Continued Education

Specialty EMR vendors are more likely to provide comprehensive training for software implementation and continued education for the use of their EMR systems. They are also more likely to be invested in the productivity of your practice, as well as how the use of their EMR software is helping you cut costs, increase revenue, and increase the value of care.

Specialty-specific EMR vendors understand that in order to improve the quality and efficacy of their product, they must keep up-to-date with MACRA reporting requirements and offer continued customer support. They achieve this by attending specialty-specific conferences and events and by continuously communicating with their clients and other medical associations.

1st Providers Choice offers specialty-specific EMR software, extensive training for comprehensive system implementation, and continued education to medical practices. To learn how specialty-specific EMR software from 1st Providers Choice can help streamline operations and increase revenue for your practice, contact us online or call us at 480-782-1116.