Sleep Medicine Trends 2022 With 1st Providers Choice

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Sleep Medicine

Join us in Phoenix, Arizona, with 1st Providers Choice this February 11 – 13 for Sleep Medicine Trends 2022! We will exhibit the latest sleep technologies and discuss patient care strategies in collaboration with the American Academy of Sleep (AASM). If you’re a passionate specialist in sleep medicine, you will greatly benefit from attending this conference!


A State-Of-The-Art EMR Software for Sleep Specialists

Looking for an EMR with state-of-the-art features? 1st Providers Choice will showcase its certified Sleep Medicine EMR software, which meets the unique technological needs of this medical specialty. We developed specialized EMR software for managing patient records in hospitals and clinics following input from sleep specialists. Moreover, our EMR for Sleep Medicine offers specific features tailored to the specialty, such as:

  • Data entry via voice commands.
  • Tracking and dosing of medications
  • Code Advisor for CPT codes.
  • User-defined templates and forms.
  • Tailor-made templates for sleep medicine.
  • Tracking and dosing of medications
  • A built-in set of Sleep Medicine ICD and CPT codes
  • Electronic prescription submission

With built-in sleep studies, templates, and care plans, the Sleep Medicine EMR software improves care, speeds productivity, and reduces office expenses. 1st Providers Choice’s Sleep Medicine EMR software also includes advanced scheduling tools that let organizations manage sleep schedules by the bed and room. This is ideal for companies that perform sleep studies regularly.


Practice Management Software That’s ICD-10 Ready

Our team at 1st Providers Choice understands the importance of receiving claims payouts on time. We will also show how our Sleep Medicine Practice Management software can be ICD-10-compatible and process ICD-10 claims. For example, testing eligibility verification, quality reporting, and other ICD-10-related processes. It also operates in sync with your EMR/EHR. Sleep professionals can rely on 1st Provider’s software to fulfill their needs. These include:

  • Revenue cycle management (RCM)
  • Tracking of patient records
  • Authorizations and referrals management
  • Meaningful Use Dashboards
  • Analysis and reporting
  • Follow-up Reminders
  • Patient statements via e-mail

These features enhance sleep medicine practices in the following ways:

  • Boost Revenue
  • Reduces Costs and Errors
  • Streamlines Operations
  • Automates Clinical Documentation and Sleep Studies
  • Increases the efficiency of billing

Our sleep medicine EMR is fully customizable and easy to use. Moreover, we assist our clients in making the transition to ICD-10 seamless. We got your back! 


Patient Portal for Better Sleep Medicine Care

Are you looking for ways to improve patient satisfaction? 1st Providers Choice’s Sleep Medicine Patient Portals promote patient engagement by making it easier for patients to access medical summaries and sleep medicine resources. In turn, this means better patient experiences and customized care.

The portal saves clinicians much time by letting patients fill in forms before appointments and update their personal information on their own. In addition, it provides patients with features such as prescription refill requests, online bill pay, and secure messaging. 

These are the overall benefits of Sleep Medicine Patient Portal:

  • Integrates with EMR/PM systems
  • Ease of clerical and administrative work
  • Increases patient satisfaction and engagement
  • Prevents data entry errors
  • Makes office management more efficient
  • Improves collection rates
  • Facilitates patient-physician communication
  • Enhances patient safety and compliance


Care Plans & Handouts in Sleep Medicine Patient Portal

Providers can customize patient care plans using the Sleep Medicine Patient Portal. In addition, they’re able to generate educational handouts specific to a given diagnosis and condition for patients. What makes this a valuable tool for sleep medicine? Hence, it allows automatic access to the patient’s care plans and handouts.

By using it, you can:

  • Improve the effectiveness of preventive care practices
  • See better results for treating patients
  • Encourage patient involvement


My Insurance in Patient Portal

Patient insurance cards take time to scan, and it’s easy for data entry errors to occur as well. So, what makes this helpful for sleep clinicians? Patients can add their insurance details to our patient portal’s My Insurance screen and update them if their insurance information changes.

Here are some of its essential benefits:

  • Make sure you get paid for the services provided by your practice
  • Eliminate the usage of paper-based procedures
  • Increase staff productivity


Sleep Medicine – Standardized Input Screen for Surgical History

The past surgical history input screen of our sleep medicine patient portal enables patients to enter information about procedures and surgeries they have undergone and the dates these procedures took place. With this, sleep specialists can:

  • Maintain accurate and up-to-date patient records
  • Avoid duplication of tests
  • Understand your patient’s condition better


Attend the Sleep Medicine Trends 2022

We look forward to meeting you in Phoenix, Arizona, this year under the theme “Emerge.” Attending this event will help sleep specialists keep up with trends, learn about emerging treatments for sleep disorders, and grasp the ever-changing legal, regulatory, and reimbursement policies!


Come see it for yourself as 1st Providers Choice offers free demonstrations of Sleep Professional EMR and Practice Management software. Schedule your demonstration now! You can reach us by calling 480-782-1116 or by visiting our website.