Sleep Medicine Trends 2021: 1st Providers Choice Will Feature the Best Sleep Medicine EMR Software

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Stay updated on the latest trends in Sleep Medicine this September 10-12 at the Hyatt Regency Austin, Texas. The conference, brought to you by the American Academy of Sleep, will focus on the latest technologies and developments in Sleep Medicine. If you are running a sleep medicine practice, don’t miss this event! Join 1st Providers Choice as we showcase our Best Sleep Medicine EMR Software.


Sleep Medicine EMR Software

At Sleep Medicine Trends 2021,1st Providers Choice will feature its state-of-the-art Sleep Medicine EMR Software. We’ll introduce a solution that includes a full range of helpful modules that can reduce errors and redundant data entry. Thanks to the input of sleep specialists, we developed a specialized EMR software system for hospital and clinic staff to manage their patient records efficiently. Our leading Sleep Medicine EMR Software is easy to use, customizable, and facilitates effective interoperability among hospitals, physicians, and laboratories. We wanted it to work for Sleep Medicine Practices of all sizes and be accessible with any device, including Apple (iOS, macOS), Android, and Windows. That’s why we equipped it with great features:

  • Custom-specific templates.
  • Voice dictation for data entry.
  • CPT Code Advisor
  • Customizable templates and forms
  • Built-in and up-to-date Sleep Medicine ICD and CPT codes
  • Electronic prescription submission
  • Medication tracking, dosing information, and more


Sleep Medicine Practice Management Software

Our Sleep Medicine Practice Management Software operates in sync with your EMR/EHR. Sleep medicine patient portals are added to patient records, and voice recognition is a built-in feature to help manage patient records. Since each feature has vital importance in clinical sleep medicine practices, 1st Provider has designed its software to fulfill every need of sleep professionals. Like these:

  • Revenue cycle management
  • Patient Tracking
  • Authorization and Referral Management
  • Meaningful Use Dashboards
  • Reporting
  • Reminders
  • Electronic Patient Statements

Through these features, your Sleep Medicine Practice will:

  • Improve Revenue
  • Lower Costs
  • Simplify Operations
  • Automate Clinical Documentation & Sleep Studies
  • Improve Billing Efficiency
  • Additionally, we offer 100% live support to help you run a successful Sleep Medicine practice.


Sleep Medicine Patient Portal

Have a secure online conversation with Sleep Medicine Patient Portal. Since the healthcare industry is evolving, patient participation in their health management is highly encouraged. With an advanced patient portal, your patients will be able to contact you with medical questions, view visit summaries and test results, request medication refills, and much more.

These are the overall benefits:

  • Simplifies administrative processes
  • Improves patient care
  • Compliance to Meaningful Use Criteria
  • Enhances productivity


Sleep Medicine On-Arrival

Waiting times can be a pain to patients. You can help shorten it with our Sleep Medicine IMS On-Arrival. Patients can easily check-in while waiting in the parking lot or elsewhere in the vicinity. With its time-saving features, you can streamline your workflow and welcome happier patients.

Benefits of Sleep Medicine IMS OnArrival:

Self Check-In without hassle.
Get rid of long lines at your front desk and let patients check in themselves.

Patients can fill out and sign forms.
Create electronic forms that patients can fill out and sign directly on their tablets. It also includes questionnaires.

Patients can update/input their information.
Allow your patients to update their details. In this way, your staff can also have a little break from everything.

Patients can view and pay bills.
Provide your patients with a simple method to view and pay their bills without having to visit the payment counter.

Patients can verify their insurance details.
Allow your patients to review their insurance information, so your staff can focus on other tasks.

Spanish Interface Option.
Offer Spanish-speaking patients an easy way to communicate and access their information.


Providing you with the Best

Choose only the best for your Sleep Medicine practice. At 1st Providers Choice, we understand the need and expectations of our clients for a higher level of performance for billing, practice management software, and EMR. That’s why we only offer the best and tailored medical billing system and EMR with features that will allow your practice to operate at its optimum potential and triple your revenue.

You can call us at (480) 782-1116 for immediate assistance, or you can schedule a free demo with our experts TODAY.