Signs It’s Time to Change or Update Your EMR

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Choosing the right EMR/EHR software is essential in order to protect the quality of care provided to your patients as well as your practice’s revenue. With new reporting guidelines and payment structures being rolled out constantly by CMS, some EMRs are falling behind certification requirements, while others remain ahead of the game.

If you’ve been feeling wary of your EMR/EHR system, there may be merit to your uneasiness. If you’re experiencing any of the following situations outlined below, it might be time to bid your EHR farewell.


1. The EMR Doesn’t Meet Your Practice’s Needs

If your current EMR doesn’t meet the specific needs of your practice or does not improve administrative workflow, sticking with this system will only hold your practice back. It won’t matter the amount of training your staff has completed, if the software doesn’t have what you need, it’s not a good fit.

When searching for a new EHR, involve all individuals who will actively use the system. Note what you’re missing from your current software, what you need, as well as what you want. Having this information at hand when comparing EMRs will help you make a more informed decision.

2. Working With Customer Service is Frustrating

Low-quality customer service can make you dread working with your EMR provider. Without proper training and support, you and your staff may become frustrated and find it difficult to use your EMR, resulting in lost time and greater inefficiency experienced than when using paper records.

At 1st Providers Choice, customer service is our number one focus. We offer U.S.-based customer support and EMR training to customers in all 50 states. We help your practice get started with your new EMR as well as continue to help you and your staff maximize efficiency down the road.  

3. Updates Don’t Happen

EMR should be updated frequently with new features and interfaces in order to improve your experience as a user, to continue to improve workflow, and to help your practice maximize revenue.

If your EMR software’s manufacturer hasn’t been providing you with relevant updates, consider switching to a cloud and web-based EMR service that provides automatic updates without disrupting your practice’s workflow.

4. Your EMR Isn’t Convenient

Technology should be convenient and help streamline tasks. If your EMR is costing your administrative staff time, it’s costing you money and time with your patients. A technologically relevant EMR system will allow you to share data with your practice management software and your e-prescribing system as well as offer you flexibility and convenience by allowing you to access information from a mobile device, such as a tablet.

5. New Fees Keep You on Your Toes

The price tag associated with implementing EMR can be high. However, choosing a more economic software might implicate unexplained, extra costs down the road. If new features or updates come with high fees, you might want to consider changing your EMR provider.

Is It Time to Cut Ties With Your EMR?

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