Sharing Patient EHR Software Data Amongst Your Clinic and Hospitals

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There are many members in a patient’s healthcare team, and it is important for each caregiver to have readily available information about their patients’ care. Sharing patient EHR software data between physicians, hospitals and labs makes it possible for providers to have a complete depiction of their patients’ health records, allowing for better decision-making and more coordinated care. Data exchanges also help prevent duplicate tests from being run, alert emergency departments to potentially life-threatening allergies, and make care transitions easier.

With 1st Providers Choice’s ONC 2014 certified EHR software, providers have multiple ways to connect with other clinics, hospitals and labs.

Health Information Exchange

Interoperability is just as important to us as it is to you, which is why we offer Health Information Exchange (HIE) services to help clinics start sharing data quickly and securely with local, regional and national health systems. The flow of information made possible by HIEs can help improve clinical outcomes, lower healthcare costs and more.

There are currently three key forms of health information exchange:

  • Directed Exchange: the ability to send and receive secure information electronically between care providers
  • Query-Based Exchange: the ability for providers to find and/or request information on a patient from other providers
  • Consumer-Mediated Exchange: the ability for patients to aggregate and control the use of their health information among providers

1st Providers Choice can help you learn about each type of HIE and how your organization can benefit from using them. As part of our commitment to patient privacy and confidentiality, we employ nationally recognized standards to enable interoperability and data security and to ensure that the individuals accessing protected health information from your EHR are authorized to do so.

Direct Interfaces

Our fully integrated EHR and Practice Management solution can be easily interfaced with other software systems for unparalleled healthcare collaboration. Whether you want your EHR software data to flow to and from your patient portal or to software being used by other providers, hospitals or labs, we can provide an affordable solution to meet your clinic’s needs.

Continuity of Care Document Import/Export

1st Providers Choice also makes it possible for providers to meet the clinical document exchange and patient summary portions of Meaningful Use through the use of the Continuity of Care Document (CCD). A joint collaboration between ASTM International and Health Level 7, CCD is an electronic document exchange standard for sharing patient summary information. It is the preferred interface standard for communication between EHR software and patient portal systems, as it allows providers to send patient health information electronically without loss of meaning – this includes patient demographics, medications, allergies and more.

Our EHR software can generate CCD documents and export them to a patient portal, and it also accepts documents created by other systems. The file can be opened on any standard Web browser, meaning providers can easily open the CCD to view a patient’s health data, regardless of the EHR system they use. Patients have the ability to access their health data as well.

EHR Faxing Capabilities

Sharing patient data with other providers and healthcare organizations is also possible with our EHR software’s Fax Management module. Through the EHR module, you can fax visit summaries, prescriptions, lab orders, documents and letters instantly and get receipt notifications when the fax is delivered. You can also receive incoming electronic faxes, complete with time stamps, and have them sent directly to a patient’s health record.

To learn more about how 1st Providers Choice makes it easy to connect with clinics, hospitals and labs, call 480-782-1116 to speak to an expert now or contact us online.