Reengage, Reconnect, and Rediscover: Science & Management Symposium 2022

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FPMA Conference

Reconnect, reengage, and rediscover with 1st Providers Choice at this year’s Florida Podiatric Medical Association’s Science & Management Symposium (SAM) at the Hyatt Regency Orlando, Florida this January 26 – 30, 2022! We will discuss how the latest tools and EMR updates can benefit podiatrists nationwide. Our combined efforts can promote continuing education in podiatric medicine, podiatric surgery, and practice management. 


Throughout our participation, we hope to increase knowledge by providing every registrant with the educational support needed to improve their patient care and be successful in their practice by promoting the benefits of scientific advancement in the treatment, prevention, and relief of podiatric ailments. During the conference, we will highlight our best products that will help podiatrists prosper this year. 


Podiatrists Tools to Prosper in 2022 

Podiatry EMR Software

Charting can be too tedious making you spend lesser time with patients. With our Podiatry EMR Software, you can expedite your charting processes and more! Giving you more time to care for your patients. Our ONC 2015 Stage 3 Certified Podiatry EMR is user-friendly and designed to make every aspect of running your practice easier and more efficient.


EMR software from IMS offers a number of features to improve healthcare delivery and practice profitability. A competitor’s EMR software takes 30 clicks, while IMS only takes five. Designed for efficiency, you’re just one click away from seeing patient information on every screen.


Best Features:


  • Forms generator that extracts patient data from files
  • Podiatry care plan generator (with diagnosis-specific patient education handouts)
  • Podiatry-specific e-prescribing & medication tracking
  • Multiple data entry options, including voice dictation


Want to see it for yourself? Schedule a call with us today or click here to learn more about our EMR Software for Podiatrists. 

Specialty-Specific EMR Software with Dicom Features and PACS Software Integration


We have integrated our Podiatry EMR software with the Dicom Picture Management Feature and Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) Software. PACS and EMR have always been separated. However, our new integration will allow organizations to consolidate multiple PACS into a single system, reducing overall operating costs. The PACS system facilitates the management of digital images created by various surgical procedures in the medical field. The software enables managing digital images created in various ways. 

As a result, Podiatry EMR systems will be able to provide easy access to medical images regardless of DICOM modality or specialty. Only through a direct connection between an EMR system and a PACS can physicians obtain a complete patient record. Our solution includes features requested by various imaging departments of healthcare providers to cover the full range of imaging modalities.


Here’s why you should get it today:


  • Save time and money with the ability to place orders directly within your EHR Software
  • Integrates DICOM and PACS directly within our software
  • Automatically receive finalized reports and outcomes directly right back into your software.
  • View Images and Clinical Documentation Simultaneously
  • X-Rays can also be viewed with a link directly within our software
  • Interface with EKG and Spirometry
  • No limitations on users, workstations, modalities, or facilities
  • Both cloud-based and on-premises options are available


PACS systems allow medical images to be manipulated and attached to an individual’s electronic medical record (EMR) so they can be seen by anyone directly involved in the patient’s care. With PACS, doctors can diagnose and treat patients’ symptoms more accurately. Here are some benefits and uses of PACS:


Image display

You can retrieve the images via the workstation at any time. The hard copy of the image is no longer necessary to have on hand at all times.

Image archiving

Archived files are attached to the patient’s electronic medical record for future reference and are kept for future use.

Image compression and backup

Images are optimized for both size and space on the server. The original files can be backed up if they become lost or corrupted.

Image routing

The attending physician and other parties responsible for caring for the patient can access the image and share it. It eliminates the need to duplicate the image again.

Image acquisition

No matter what type of imaging a patient undergoes and whatever procedure is performed, a permanent image is created.

Medical Voice Recognition Software

Podiatrists have a specific need for accurate and efficient transcription. With our medical voice recognition software, you can create medical reports, correspondence, and other medical documentation at a fraction of the cost and time that you might be spending now. Our medical packages and solutions have been developed with the healthcare professional in mind, based on our own experience and feedback from podiatrists just like you.


It is understandable that past experiences with medical voice recognition software may not have been as accurate as you had hoped. Thanks to Paperless Office & Dragon NaturallySpeaking speech recognition software, you can expect speeds of 160 words per minute and accuracy in the 98% to 99% range.


EMR Medical Document Management Software

IMS is one of the nation’s leading practice management and electronic medical record solutions and includes comprehensive tools for charting, scheduling, and billing. Input from practicing providers has helped us position IMS EMR as a reliable, easy-to-use software solution for healthcare providers in various medical specialties. The software is designed to meet the latest industry standards and certifications and can be customized to meet your practice’s specific requirements.


Best Notable Features:

  • Electronic check-in/check-out
  • Online patient healthcare portal
  • Electronic prescribing (eRx)
  • Lab integration
  • Reminder system for important patient care items
  • Web and server-based options
  • Supports more than 30 medical specialties


To learn more about our Document Management Software, click here.

Medical Billing Software for Podiatry Clinic

Get paid faster! Electronic filing needs to be fast and efficient. In short, you need the best medical software for you to get paid on time. By utilizing our electronic claims module, (included with the main IMS program at no additional charge), you can trim claims collections from an average of 3-4 weeks to 4-5 days! Our add-on AutoPay® program can drastically reduce its time to post insurance payments because it posts electronically.


IMS Development Team ensures that all users remain compliant with Medicare requirements for electronic claims submission. Almost a decade ago, we were one of the first vendors to offer ANSI 837 electronic claims, which ultimately evolved into the new HIPAA-mandated ANSI X12 standard. All states have approved X12 file submission by IMS. The ANSI X12 standard ensures that healthcare professionals relying on IMS each day are in compliance with it.


Enjoy more of the following benefits:


  • Directly to Medicare using the new Medicare ANSI X12 Standard 837 format, at no charge per claim-FREE.
  • Direct to Blue Cross/Blue Shield organizations, at no charge per claim-FREE.
  • Direct to all insurance carriers accepting the ANSI X12 837 format-FREE.
  • Or you can send claims through our FREE clearinghouse!


For more information about our Medical Billing Software, click here!