Preventing EMR Software from Affecting Doctor-Patient Interaction

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Electronic medical record software can help physicians chart more efficiently and improve quality of care. However, it can be easy for doctors to let the introduction of new technology affect how they interact with patients. This, in turn, can affect care delivery and patient satisfaction. In order to prevent EMR software from getting in the way of the doctor-patient relationship, healthcare providers should take the following factors into account.

Chart Review

Do a quick chart review before stepping into the room with the patient. This will allow you to mention a few facts about the patient’s medical history without having to reference the computer. It will also:

  • Make the patient feel important
  • Make the visit more personal
  • Allow more time for doctor-patient interaction

With electronic medical record software, a chart review can be done easily by accessing the Chart View display in the EMR. This screen will provide an overview of the patient’s health record, from current medications and allergies to a problem list and family and social history.

Computer Location

Consider how your computer’s location in the exam room might become a roadblock that impedes conversation. This can happen when a computer is placed directly between the doctor and patient, causing each one to have to look over the monitor to make eye contact with the other. A good idea when setting up an exam room to accommodate EMR software is to position the computer screen so that the patient can easily view it from where he/she sits.

Patient Participation

Allowing patients to view your screen will make it easier for you to include them in the documentation process. Doing so will prevent the patient from feeling ignored while you enter visit notes or review information in their chart. If you need to look at test results, show the patient and explain the results to them while referring to the data on your screen. If you need to send an e-prescription, walk the patient through the process and explain how electronic prescriptions are beneficial to them. You can even take this time to explain to the patient the benefits of your online healthcare portal and how using it can improve quality of care.

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