Podiatry Specific Software to Be Featured at Valley of the Sun Podiatry Conference

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Valley of the Sun Podiatry Conference 2021

1st Providers Choice will be featuring Podiatry Specific Softwares at the Valley of the Sun Podiatry Conference. It will take place at the Marriott Phoenix Tempe at the Buttes of Phoenix, AZ  from April 8-11, 2021. The conference will be one of the largest gatherings of podiatrists this year. At the conference, the latest innovations that can improve care, treatment, prevention, and alleviation of podiatric ailments will be thoroughly discussed and shared. Attendants will walk away with a fresh perspective and new knowledge from the industry’s leading experts. A conference will also be live-streamed for those who can not attend the event. 


Specialty Specific Softwares

Podiatry EMR Software

Spend less time charting and expedite your processes with our ONC 2015 Stage 3 Certified Podiatry EMR. It is the most user-friendly EMR in the market, specifically crafted to meet the unique needs and demands of Podiatry Practices. We design every feature to help every aspect of your practice be easier and more efficient. We offer a wealth of hallmarks to improve your healthcare delivery and raise your profitability. What takes 30 clicks in a competitor’s EMR software, will only take five clicks in a specialty-specific EMR software. It is fully optimized to reach optimum efficiency so you’re just one click away from seeing the patient’s information on every screen. We made sure that it would be perfect for every podiatry practice. It is equipped with all the features a podiatrist needs, including:


  • Complete set of podiatry specific templates included with the installation
  • Forms generator that extracts patient data from files
  • Podiatry care plan generator (with diagnosis-specific patient education handouts)
  • Podiatry-specific e-prescribing & medication tracking
  • Multiple data entry options, including voice dictation
  • CPT Code Advisor


Podiatry Medical Billing Software

We designed our specialty-specific medical billing software to help Medical practices improve quality of care, reduce risk, cut costs, and increase revenues. Appropriate for any sized podiatric practice (solo practice to a large, multi-provider/multi-location group). You can enter patient information and post charges faster and more accurately with the use of our simplified podiatry billing software—promoting podiatrists’ acceptance and greater investment protection with faster insurance reimbursement and improved collections. 


Podiatry Practice Management Software

With specialty-specific practice management software, you can streamline your office functions and help your practice run more smoothly than ever. Our IMS Manager™ Practice Management software is rich with useful features like Scheduling, Authorization and Referral Management, Patient Tracking, Revenue Cycle Management, Reporting, and Meaningful Use Dashboards to improve efficiency and offer better podiatric care. You’ll be able to increase your revenue by saving time and more productivity. With unique functional billing features, you’ll see fewer missed payments, fewer errors, easy adoption plus customizability, and a better way to manage Medicare and insurance eligibility verification. It also includes 24/7 live support to keep your practice stable and smooth.


Podiatry Patient Portal

Our EMR-integrated podiatry patient portal will help your patients connect with you. As the healthcare industry push toward more patient-centric care, the portal encourages patient engagement via secure online messaging. Patients are increasingly turning to search engines for medical information, and with a patient portal, they can reach out to you immediately and securely. We integrate the Patient Portal into your EHR to bring healthcare professionals and patients closer for more intimate and patient-centric service. The portal will allow patients to access their health records from anywhere. Your patients can also update their personal information and complete necessary health forms before visiting your clinic. This not only helps reduce waiting times for patients, but it allows staff to make better use of their time.


Podiatry Patient Portal Features:

  • Secure, password-protected access
  • Online patient registration
  • Ability to view and request appointments
  • Prescription refill request
  • Visit summaries & medication history
  • Online payment
  • Patient education resources
  • Secure messaging system

Patient App – Contactless Check In

Our Patient App conveniently allows your patients to participate in their healthcare management through their smartphones actively. It will let them conveniently manage their appointments with you. They can send secure messages for their queries and concerns immediately too. It lightens up your administrative workload as your patients can already sign and fill out forms using the app and automatically check-in themselves through the app’s barcode feature and proximity beacons. It expedites prescription requests, and you get paid faster through the app’s online payment feature.  


Best Patient App Features:

  • Request, Confirm, or Edit Appointments
  • View Prescriptions and Refill Requests
  • Send Secure Images
  • Auto Check-In
  • View/Sign Documents
  • Televisit
  • View Lab Results
  • Online Payment


Benefits of Patient App:

  • Increased Patient Engagement
  • Improved Interaction 
  • Personalized Approach
  • Increased Access to Medical Resources 


Patient On-Arrival

Our Patient On-Arrival is your reliable automated receptionist for your Podiatry Practice. Long waiting times cause 97% of patients to get frustrated. Patient On Arrival will solve this problem for you with automated efficiency. Your patients can even check-in while they wait at the parking lot or anywhere near your establishment. Podiatry practices can benefit greatly from it by their cost-saving and time-saving benefits.


Best Notable Features of Patient On Arrival:

  • Check-in 
  • View copayment 
  • Update demographics 
  • Verify insurance 
  • Fill out and sign forms 
  • Choose the Spanish interface option


Benefits of Patient On Arrival:

  • Reduce Administrative Cost
  • Accelerate Check-In Times 
  • Free Up Time for Front Desk Staff
  • Increase Patient Satisfaction