Patient Satisfaction: The Effective Ways To Improve It

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patient satisfaction

Why is Patient Satisfaction Important?

According to the Journal of Cutaneous and Aesthetic Surgery, patient satisfaction is an indicator of measuring the quality of healthcare. It affects clinical outcomes, patient retention, and medical malpractice claims.

The study also includes that patient satisfaction affects the timely, efficient, and patient-centered delivery of quality health care. It also helps in measuring the success of doctors and hospitals.

How to Improve Patient Satisfaction?

Patient satisfaction starts with the first service you give to your patients, whether it be your online booking appointment system or a phone call. Here are simple ways to have a more patient-centric practice to increase your patient satisfaction.

  • Increase your Patient Engagement.

    Upgrade your website and utilize all available social media platforms. You will not only increase your patient satisfaction, but you’ll also attract more patients. A patient-friendly website and a responsive social media page can boost their satisfaction rate before they can even visit your clinic.

  • Always Give the Highest Level of Respect to your Patients.

    Patients need to be pampered and feel prioritized. Train your staff to give their full and utmost attention to your patients’ needs from the moment they arrive until they leave.

  • Improve Communication.

    Your staff should be committed to giving the most respectful and polite interactions with the patients. Instruct them to facilitate a reassuring and comforting interaction throughout their visit. Remind them to be empathetic and that some patients might be more sensitive than the others too.

  • Raise the bar higher.

    Don’t just compare your level of service to other medical practices. You should also adopt strategies and learn new approaches from different companies that give the highest quality of customer service. The higher the standard of quality your clinic provides, the more patients will come due to the positive spread of word of mouth.

  • Keep a Keen Eye on your Patients.

    Learn how to observe your patients and look out for the signs of dissatisfaction. If you happen to sense it, be proactive in responding to your patient’s doubts, concerns, and questions. Try listening to them attentively so you can find options and suggest solutions to fix their problem as soon as possible. Note that it is incredibly critical to be empathetic with patients as it will convince them that you care about their well-being.

  • Protect Confidentiality.

    Patient’s matters are always sensitive and private. Thus, your staff should avoid discussing patients’ personal private information, illnesses, or personal matters with themselves and others. They should try their best to preserve and observe respectfulness and confidentiality.

  • Lighten the Atmosphere.

    Lightening your atmosphere does not only refer to proper cleanliness and sanitation. You should also improve anything that affects your clinic’s atmosphere like noise, music, lighting, and staff movement. You should always aim for an atmosphere that promotes safety and relaxation to keep your patients at ease. You can start by upgrading your decorations and interior design to have a more welcoming and friendly environment.

  • Empower your Staff.

    Your staff has a vital role in patient-centric care and improving patient satisfaction. Avoid micromanaging them, especially your nurses. Let them take the initiative on how to provide better patient care to make them feel empowered and trusted in their work. You can also allow your nurses to collaborate on planning how they can provide better patient care and enhance the patient experience.

  • Cultivate a Caring and Compassionate Environment.

    When a patient feels genuinely cared for, the patient satisfaction automatically boosts. You can achieve a caring and compassionate environment by embedding the virtue of kindness to your staff and its importance. Compassion and understanding have a considerable impact even in small gestures like offering them a box of tissues in times of distress or offering words of encouragement and assurance. They can also practice addressing the patient by their first name or preferred name to let them feel welcome. Always greet them with a smile, and listen to them attentively.

  • Be Reachable.

    Always be accessible to your patients whenever they have issues and concerns. Having direct communication with your staff or even the physician will help boost patient satisfaction levels too. Having a patient-to-provider channel can also let you exchange secure messages with patients. It will also help you have better patient care outcomes and increase patient retention.

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