PAINWeek Conference 2019

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PAINWeek Conference 2019

Join 1st Providers Choice at this years PAINWeek Conference in Las Vegas on September 3-7, 2019 where we will feature our Pain Management EMR software. Like last year, the conference will be held at the Cosmopolitan Hotel. 

Learn How Our Pain Management EMR Software Can Boost Your Bottom Line

Last year we showcased our software, specialized for pain management practices and clinics.  Attendees had the benefit of gaining some useful insight as to the benefits of a specialty-specific EMR system. With today’s technology, patient engagement, customized portals, and mobile features are at the forefront of EMR systems. Below are just a few features we will be showcasing.

EMR Integrated Patient-Portal

1st Providers offers an integrated patient portal, so your customers can request or access data quickly and efficiently, without the need for lengthy phone calls.  From the patient portal your patient will experience the latest features to cut down on your processing time:

  • Secure, password-protected access
  • Online patient registration (forms, family history,
  • Ability to view and request appointments
  • Prescription refill request
  • Visit summaries & medication history
  • Online bill pay
  • Patient education resources
  • Secure patient messaging system

Integrated Prescription Management

Learn how you can manage prescriptions with our e-prescribing module.  Our EMR includes fax and electronic prescription submission, medication tracking, dosing information, and more. Prescribing controlled substances? No problem.

Patient and Provider Mobile EMR App

Not only do we offer a full-feature patent and provider portal, but we also have the latest and greatest mobile technology to enjoy on the go.  Patients will be able to message, view documents, update information, all within the mobile app.  Providers also have their own app, which allows them to manage everything outside of the office, from answering messages, looking up customer data, to managing appointments. What’s best is that the mobile app is available on iOS and Android devices.

Drastic Improvements to Practice Workflow

Our software is proven to drastically reduce clerical and administrative work, increase patient engagement, increase collections, improve safety and compliance and eliminate potentially harmful data entry errors.  Our marketing, payment system, and referral tracking feature help you improve productivity and build relationships with other providers. 

Special Templates and Forms

Possibly one of the top features of our software is the tight-knit integration with your practice by using special forms and templates. Our suite was designed after countless hours of research and input from working practitioners. In turn, our templates and forms make data entry and processing a breeze, saving chunks of time off your day. 

These highlighted features are just the tip of the iceberg. Stop by our booth so we can offer a free demo of our software!

Pain Management EMR Software Letters/Forms Automation

PAINWeek Conference 2019

The National Conference on Pain for Frontline Practitioners

September 3-7, 2019
at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas