Pain Management Practice: How to Use EHRs Correctly

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Whether you’re just starting out or already handling an established organization, running a pain management practice can be tough. As a pain management provider, you often try to give the best care possible. After all, your patients are dealing with ongoing pain, and the last thing they need is more stress. This could be challenging especially now that the number of chronic pain cases is rising.

Recent news from CNN shows that there are even more cases of chronic pain among adults in the US than other common long-term issues like diabetes, depression, and high blood pressure. This highlights the prevalence of chronic pain in the US and the importance of early pain management.

What More Can Your Pain Management EHR Do?

As the healthcare industry evolves, medical practices always seek ways to provide better care for patients and make things easier behind the scenes. Electronic Health Records (EHRs) have also become much more important in modern medicine. Whether you’re already using an EHR or thinking about getting one, learning about the best ways to use it can go a long way in optimizing your pain management practice. If you already have practice software, are you making the most of it? Are you using all the right tools and features to provide timely and high-quality care?

You’d be surprised how much more your pain management EHR software can do. There are dozens of ways to take advantage of the tools and features you already have, and we understand how overwhelming that sounds. That’s why we rounded up the five most effective ways to get you started.

5 Expert Strategies That Maximize Your Pain Management EHR Software Experience

These strategies will help you use your EHR software in the most optimal way, so you’re always able to provide outstanding care when your patients need it. Beyond the software tools, we’ll also look at how on-site chiropractors can drastically improve your pain management care. 

Strategy 1: Activate Patient Portals

When you’re dealing with patients in pain, you know how hard it can be for them to fill out paper forms. That’s when your pain management EHR software can lend a helping hand. The patient portal feature can speed up the registration process for patients in pain. It’s a quick and easy way to get them started. A secure and top-quality patient portal also means they can access their health records, lab results, and medication refills no matter where they are. They can keep an eye on their vitals and test results and even shoot a message to you whenever they need to. This way, you’re not just providing care, you’re making their entire experience smoother and less stressful.

Strategy 2: Use the Appointment Scheduling Tool 

As a pain expert, you know how important it is to check a patient’s visit history before scheduling any visits. With your pain management software, you can easily view their visit history. These smart scheduling tools even help you meet their specific needs without a hitch. Before they even come to see you, you already have a thorough idea of their medical history, so your encounter with them will be even more productive. These tools also remind patients of their appointments, keeping them on top of their care plans. It’s a team effort—you and your pain management EHR synergize to give your patients the best care possible.

Strategy 3: Let Customizable Templates Assist You

An EHR for pain management should come with a library of templates that automate clinical documentation with just a few clicks, making medical charting more efficient. Templates can significantly shorten the time it takes to record patient visits, findings, referrals, and more. As a pain management provider, your medical documentation is almost always specialty-specific, so it’s incredibly helpful to have personalized templates. They help you accurately record and include all important details about your patients without manual data entry. The consistency and quality of their care depend on how optimized your templates are. So, when you’re using this feature in your pain management EHR, you’re not just saving time—you’re also ensuring that your patients get the top-notch care they deserve.

Strategy 4: Understand the Process of RCM Automation

Harnessing the power of revenue cycle management (RCM) automation in your pain management EHR can greatly enhance patient care while boosting your practice’s bottom line. By automating key aspects of RCM, you can simplify tasks and streamline processes that used to be done manually. Imagine having an intelligent system that handles billing, claims, and financial processes with minimal human effort.

Choosing to partner with an EHR vendor that offers RCM automation is a smart move. It makes a huge difference in how much time you get to spend taking care of patients. Think of it as having a dependable assistant that keeps your pain management billing neat and organized, so you can focus on doing what you’re meant to do—helping patients manage their pain.

Strategy 5: Take Advantage of the Other Special Features in Your Pain Management EHR

Alongside the regular tools, a good EHR for pain management has specialty-specific features that make it even more useful for your unique needs. Take the time to utilize these tools and see how well they help you handle patients and make your practice work even better. Some of these unique features include:

✅ CPT Code Advisor: Examine factors like patient interaction time and HPI to suggest fitting E&M codes, ensuring proper payer documentation.

✅ Letter/Forms Automation: Get access to a variety of industry-specific forms and letters. Customize your own documents by adding your preferred input fields.

✅ Check-In Kiosk: Let patients update their information, sign electronically, and check in easily.

✅ Authorization Tracking: A built-in Authorization Tracking tool keeps all patient authorizations organized in your EMR.

✅ Electronic Prescriptions: Easily give digital prescriptions and track patient info for better decisions.

✅ Health Maintenance Tracking: Know when care objectives are due, when patients need follow-up care, and when lab results are in.

✅ Point of Sale Module: Always be on top of your transactions with the point of sale features in your EHR, which include bar code scanning and inventory management.

✅ EMR & Billing Reporting Graphs: Track your billing reports and graphs with a click. A provider, insurance carrier, and referring provider can generate these graphs with ease.

Pain Management EHR Software comes with these amazing features that eliminate pain points in your operations so your business can grow smoothly. To get you started the best way possible, we’ll help you set up your EHR to your specific workflow so that it perfectly suits your needs.

We Have More!

Adding an on-site chiropractor to your pain management clinic brings multiple benefits. These experts have special skills that complement the way you provide treatments, making recovery more effective. If your patients suffer from pain, having a chiropractor around makes a big difference. They utilize hands-on methods, adjust the spine, and give specific exercises to help with pain and movement. Having them work with your pain treatments while incorporating Chiropractic EHR Software offers patients a more complete approach to pain relief.

To make things even smoother, using Physical Medicine and Therapy EHR software helps keep track of treatments and communications between different providers. Combining these two smart approaches results in better outcomes, happier patients, and ultimately, increased revenues.

Providing you with the Best

Utilizing your pain management EHR software’s features to its fullest potential brings huge benefits to your practice and patients. It’s a win-win situation—you keep your practice operations healthy and keep your patients even healthier. Your pain management EHR is your ultimate ally, from patient check-ins and customized treatment plans to automated billing and comprehensive health tracking. 

So, find out what it can do for you, customize it to suit your needs, and then see how it drives your practice toward success.

Choose only the best for your pain management practice!

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