Mental Health EMR Software Gets Behavioral Health Groups on Track

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From primary care providers to general surgeons, caregivers throughout the medical industry are reaping the benefits of electronic medical record systems. For behavioral health organizations, especially, the advantages of switching to a mental health EMR software are many. Yet, few EMR vendors have produced a tried-and-true software solution suitable for behavioral health providers. With 1st Providers Choice, psychiatrists, psychologists, professional counselors and other mental health providers have finally found an end-to-end EMR solution that meets their extensive charting needs.

Senior PsychCare (SPC) implemented our mental health EMR and billing modules across its various Texas locations and has achieved improved results in billing and patient care. Their more than 80 mental health providers have benefited from simplified workflows, more efficient documentation, customized reports, and more.

Following are some of the features that SPC’s behavioral health specialists benefit from on a daily basis:

Specialized content and customization

EMR systems designed with mental health providers in mind include features that are most relevant to behavioral health specialists. The systems also allow for a high level of customization in order to meet the specific needs of providers practicing within the mental health field. For SPC, this has included specialty-specific diagnoses and treatment plans, preventative care resources and psychiatric management tools, among others.

Mental Health EMR Patient Visit Note

Real-time data

With mental health-specific EMR software, providers can create reports to conduct analyses of patient progress. All it takes is a few quick mouse clicks to export the data from the EMR

Alerts and reminders

EMR software for mental health facilities allows providers to set up daily, weekly or monthly alerts. This can be useful for following up with suicidal patients or with those taking anti-psychotics with potentially harmful side effects. This has been beneficial, in SPC’s case, for treating patients at Long Term Care facilities, as they need continuous monitoring and follow-up care

Continuity of care

SPC maintains active contact with other physicians regarding changes in their patients’ mental status, diagnostic services, psychological treatments, and medications – and EMR software allows for thorough documentation of these changes. With mental health EMR software, behavioral health specialists at SPC are also able to share visit notes with other providers responsible for their patients’ care.

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About Senior PsychCare: SPC was founded by physician and specialized psychiatrist Dr. Leo Borrell, a leader in innovative care for stress and age-related problems. SPC is affiliated with Medipsych and Senior Psychological Care of Houston, San Antonio and Dallas, and employs more than 80 mental health providers in facilities throughout these major Texas cities. SPC provides independent evaluations, psychiatric management and mental health services. They also work in collaboration with mental health programs and medical providers who lack the resources of a comprehensive team of medical health specialists.