Join 1st Providers Choice at SLEEP 2023 in Indianapolis: Advancing Sleep Medicine Together

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sleep medicine conference 2023


Engage in collaborative discussions, discover technological innovations, meet industry professionals, and navigate the evolving landscape of sleep medicine by attending SLEEP 2023 Conference!


Taking place in the vibrant city of Indianapolis from June 3 to 7, 2023, this unparalleled event is a must-attend for sleep medicine providers. It’s also the 37th annual meeting of Associated Professional Sleep Societies, LLC (APSS)


With an emphasis on the latest advancements, cutting-edge research, and groundbreaking technologies, SLEEP 2023 promises to be an immersive experience that will revolutionize your practice. Discover new treatment modalities, engage with industry experts, and network with like-minded professionals. You don’t want to miss this incredible opportunity to advance your sleep medicine expertise. Sleep 2023: It’s time to dream big!


Get Involved With 1st Providers Choice in Advancing Sleep Medicine Together.


This year, it will be a game-changer as we showcase our tools and technologies that are revolutionizing sleep specialists’ practices. One tool that has gained significant attention is the Sleep Medicine Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software, essential for advancing patient care. 


Sleep Medicine EHR Software


With 1st Providers Choice’s Sleep Medicine EHR software, you’ll be on the cutting edge of EMR technology. We designed our certified solution for sleep medicine providers to ensure seamless patient records management in hospitals and clinics.


We developed our EMR software with sleep specialists to provide cutting-edge features like:


Voice command data entry for medication tracking

✅ Precise medication dosing

✅ User-defined templates 

✅ Built-in Sleep Medicine ICD and CPT codes

✅ Electronic prescription submission

✅ Comprehensive sleep studies


Our software enhances care, boosts productivity, and reduces costs. It also includes advanced scheduling tools for efficient management of sleep schedules by bed and room, making it an ideal choice for organizations conducting regular sleep studies. Trust 1st Providers Choice to take your sleep medicine practice to new heights!

Patient Visit Notes Tool


The patient visit notes tool in sleep medicine EHR software is invaluable for patients and healthcare providers. With its comprehensive documentation capabilities, this feature enables physicians to accurately record and track patient visits, ensuring the continuity and quality of care. 


For patients, it fosters a deeper understanding of their sleep health journey by providing access to detailed visit summaries, test results, and treatment plans. Additionally, this feature enhances the patient-provider relationship by facilitating seamless communication and allowing patients to participate actively in their care.


Regarding reliable and innovative sleep medicine EHR solutions, our 1st Providers Choice Company stands out as a leading provider. We provide user-friendly and integrated Sleep Medicine EMR software that integrates patient notes for streamlined, efficient care for patients and providers.


CPT Code Advisor 


The CPT Code Advisor feature in our sleep medicine EHR software is pivotal in ensuring accurate and up-to-date coding practices for healthcare providers in the field. As the medical coding landscape constantly evolves, staying on top of changes and guidelines can be challenging. Fortunately, the CPT Code Advisor tool in EHR alleviates this burden because it updates the system automatically with new coding changes, ensuring compliance and reducing errors. 

According to a recent study, EHRs can be more efficient with coding systems. With a CPT Code Advisor system in your EHR, you can save time and effort by eliminating the need to manually research and update codes, allowing them to focus on providing exceptional care instead.


Telemedicine to Advance Patient Health


Why has telemedicine become so important? 


Sleep providers are scarce in rural areas, health concerns are rising, and access to care is limited. In addition, face-to-face encounters with patients with chronic sleep disorders are increasingly difficult to arrange. That is why telemedicine offers a great way to provide continuous care to chronic disease patients with limited use of resources.


Telemedicine has emerged as a game-changer for sleep medicine providers, revolutionizing how they diagnose and treat sleep disorders. As a sleep specialist who will be attending the upcoming SLEEP 2023 Conference, it becomes apparent that telemedicine has enormous potential to benefit you!


With the convenience of virtual consultations, you can now reach patients in remote locations, increasing access to care and expanding their patient base. You can also conduct sleep assessments, analyze sleep patterns, and prescribe suitable treatments with telemedicine. This innovative approach saves time and resources and offers patients a seamless and personalized experience, leading to improved patient satisfaction.


Why should you attend?


The SLEEP 2023 offers a comprehensive platform for evidence-based education, driving the progress of sleep medicine science and clinical practice. Combining cutting-edge sleep and circadian studies, it bridges fundamental scientific knowledge with practical applications. Attendees from across the globe, united by their passion and expertise in sleep medicine, converge at this conference, including pioneering leaders shaping the future of the field. If you seek invaluable networking opportunities and wish to shape the future of sleep medicine, attending SLEEP is an absolute must.


We hope to see you at SLEEP 2023 in Indianapolis!


Join us at the SLEEP 2023 Conference to explore the limitless possibilities of our Sleep Medicine EHR Software and telemedicine to unlock new avenues for enhanced patient care. The future of sleep medicine is here, and these innovative tools are shaping the way we understand and treat sleep disorders. 


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